Peach Jam 4.2kg


Fine selected high quality fruit jam processed by a professional Taiwanese jam factory. This product contains a high percentage of juice and juicy pulp with crushed fruits, which brings an appealing sweet and sour taste with a rich texture. It is brilliant with toast, yogurt, ice cream, or waffles as the spread, and also works well when making fruit tea.

– Made from freshly picked high-quality peach from Taiwan
– With great dissolvability in both hot and cold drinks
– Vegan friendly
– Product of Taiwan
– Number of Serving: 80 drinks (using 30 ~ 45ml per 500ml drink)


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| Recommended brewing formula |
To make 500ml of Peach Green Tea:
1. Use 30~45ml of jam to 200ml of tea (depending on desired level of flavour)
2. Add 15ml of fructose syrup and fill up with ice.
3. Fully shake it and serve.