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Rose Flavour Syrup 2.5kg


Fine selected high quality flavouring syrup processed by professinal Taiwanese syrup factory, which bring the wonderful sweetness to flavour your tea drinks and cocktails to stand out in the market.

– Suitable to be blended with our full range of black tea
– With great dissolvability in both hot and cold drink
– Vegan friendly
– Product of Taiwan
– Number of Serving: 50 drinks (using 30 ~ 45ml per 500ml drink)

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Fructose, Sugar, Rose Petal Juice (1%), Acid: E330, D-Sorbitol Solution 70%, Rose Flavouring (0.3%), Clouding Agent (Distilled Water, Emulsifier: E1450, E471, D-Sorbitol Solution (70%), Humectant: E1450, Acid: E330), Sweetener: E950, Emulsifier: E466, Sweetener: E955, Colour: E129, Emulsifier: E415, Acidity Regulator: E575, Emulsifier: E422, E420, E471, E322, Medium Chain Trygliceride, Preservative E202

  • Energy: 1588kJ / 380kcal
  • Fat (of which saturated): 0g (0g)
  • Protein: 0g
  • Salt: 0g
  • Carbohydrates (of which sugars): 94.9g (86.3g)
  • Allergens:
  • Description

    | Recommended brewing formula |
    To make 500ml of Rose Green tea:
    1. Use 30~45ml of syrup to 200ml of tea (depending on desired level of flavour)
    2. Add 15ml of fructose syrup and fill up with ice.
    3. Fully shake it and serve.

    Store in a cool dry place