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We are the UK’s largest importer and distributor of bubble tea.

Taipec has been around since 2009 and we are fully transparent about who we are. You can rest assured that we take care of our customers.

If you have any issues, we strive to resolve them as quickly as possible. Ultimately we want you to sell as much bubble tea to your customers as you can too.

Our Bubble Tea Service

The concept of Bubble Tea comes from Taiwan and its original image consists of tapioca balls, black tea and creamer. Within the recent decades, bubble tea has exploded in popularity and several variants have come to fruition. It’s now a “must have” drink in the catering and hospitality business. Nowadays, people can easily find bubble tea either from the menu of restaurants or shops at high streets. As the leading bubble tea supplier in the UK, Taipec is proud to provide you a full range of bubble tea ingredients with latest trends.

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Taipec’s dedicated purchasing team in Taiwan is always searching for the tastiest and most popular foods. We have a streamlined logistics operations to reduce unnecessary costs so we can pass those savings onto you while ensuring good stock availability for your business.

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