Bubble Tea Success Secrets

Bubble Tea is a competitive market. There's no shortcut to success but these bubble tea success secrets will help you on your way to building your boba empire.

When you embark on the venture of opening a bubble tea shop there is a seemingly never-ending list of things you need to think about. We have covered how to start a bubble tea shop and what you need to get right. Today we are going to look at three top bubble tea success secrets to make sure you get the basics right.

Bubble Tea Success Secrets

1 – Ergonomics

It can be easy to forget when you are picking a colour scheme and decorating your interior; but focusing on ergonomics is an absolute must when it comes to opening your bubble tea shop. Think about the journeys your customers and staff will take through your shop and make sure these are easy. This is a vitally important consideration and is something to discuss when laying out your score. Some things to consider:

  • Can your customers get from the door to the counter?
  • Is the journey from the counter to the seats easy?
  • Can the toilets be found easily?
  • If you offer table service, how short is the walk for your staff?
  • Will your staff be able to restock easily?

2 – Promoting multiple sales

When you are putting together your menu together the biggest mistake you can make is pricing your options individually. Think about what people might want to buy as well as a boba and price these secondary items to maximise profits. Everyone has been to a supermarket and seen the racks of sweets and drinks next to the checkouts. Try and do the same thing to encourage multiple sales in every transaction.

3 – Understand what you are selling

This might be unexpected but bear with us. You might be thinking, “I'm selling bubble tea, what do you mean?”. You are never just selling the product on your shelves or the tapioca pearls on the hob. As a bubble tea shop owner you are selling something different to every one of your customers. A bubble tea shop can be:

  • An escape from the stresses of work.
  • Somewhere to meet friends and socialise.
  • A place to remind you of home.
  • Somewhere to try new things.
  • A once-in-a-while treat.
  • And many, many, more…

Remember that your bubble tea shop is something different to every one of your customers and keep this in mind every day. It might just make the difference!