How to start a bubble tea business in the UK

Grasping the Market Landscape. The UK Bubble Tea Phenomenon

The UK has witnessed a surge in the popularity of bubble tea, becoming a cultural phenomenon and a favourite among diverse demographics. Understanding the local market trends and consumer preferences is crucial for positioning your business for success.

Explore the untapped potential of the bubble tea market in the UK. With the right strategy and quality offerings, there is a great opportunity for growth and profitability in this dynamic and growing industry. The cost of starting a bubble tea business is relatively less than starting a restaurant or bar as it can be made in a smaller space or sometimes is a popular addition to existing restaurants or cafes.


Initial Steps: Business Planning and Legal Considerations

A well-thought-out business plan is the foundation for starting your business. You must be able to outline things such as your business goals, target audience, market analysis and financial projections. Another major consideration is your shop’s location. Prime locations for bubble tea are high streets and near schools or universities as they are very popular amongst students.

In the food and beverage industry, a crucial facet that demands meticulous attention is the legality of things. Understanding the licensing requirements and regulations to ensure compliance is important for a smooth launch. Make sure to check any policies involving areas such as ingredients, plastic usage and safety and to be constantly updated with them. A prime illustration of the impact of regulatory changes is the recent UK Government Plastic Ban, which has notably affected bubble tea shops. For a deeper understanding, you can find additional information here. Diligence in extensive research is paramount, as overlooking any critical detail could potentially tarnish your shop's reputation. It is far wiser to invest time in thorough investigation than to risk overlooking a detail that could significantly impact the standing of your business.


Essential Equipment for Bubble Tea Ventures

The essential equipment of bubble tea are all very basic things and you might have some of it at your existing shop if you plan to add a bubble tea section to it. The large machinery needed are the sealing machine, ice machine, induction cooker and hot water boiler. The other equipment needed is listed on our Instagram post here. If you would like to customise your cups or film seals, you can contact us for more information.


Sourcing the Finest Ingredients: Taipec’s Premium Offerings

Quality ingredients are the backbone of a successful bubble tea business. Understand why sourcing the finest teas, toppings, powders, syrups and more is crucial for customer satisfaction.

Explore our extensive range of premium offerings from traditional teas to innovative syrups and toppings. It is advisable to use products that cater to a diverse customer base.

All of our bubble tea products are gluten-free and we offer vegan options.


Staff Training and Ensuring Quality Consistency

It is important to equip your staff with the essential skills for preparing the perfect bubble tea. Training not only involves how to make the drinks but also getting the staff to understand how to store and taste test products so that they have the right taste and texture.

You can check out our Youtube Channel and Tiktok for tutorials on how to brew tea, make drinks and set up your sealing machine.


Marketing Your Bubble Tea Business

Every bubble tea shop is different in its own way and they build a strong brand identity through their logo, customisation of bubble tea cups, store decoration, social media pages or even loyalty cards. This is essential in getting customers hooked and to remember them. Utilising holidays is also a great opportunity for marketing and to introduce fun and Instagrammable drinks with creative names.

Social media is key to growth as it is the fastest way of getting more people to know more about you and to update them with new menus and discounts. TikTok is an increasingly popular social media platform for bubble tea as there are many creative video ideas that can go viral. These involve employees showing how to make drinks or doing challenges or trends.


Continued Support and Growth with Taipec

We provide services beyond just a supplier to offer support and resources to help scale your bubble tea business. We offer a 5-15% discount on our online prices and exclusive products for our trade account customers as well as bubble tea training where we can do training at your site in London or do online training for those outside of London. We can provide you with the details from the setup needed to recommending popular flavours. Starting a bubble tea business in the UK is an exciting venture filled with opportunities for growth and success. With Taipec as your partner, you have access to high-quality ingredients and equipment and ongoing support to ensure your journey is smooth and prosperous. We wish you the best of luck on your journey!