Building Your Bubble Tea Shop Online Presence

Building your online presence is key to your growth and success as a business. Here's 5 top tips for establishing yourself online.

The whole world is online (literally!) and that means your boba tea shop online presence will be one of your key assets in growing your brand and business.

Bubble Tea Shop Online Presence – 5 Top Tips

1 – Set Up Your Google Business Profile

When people search for ‘bubble tea in my area' you want to make sure your shop shows up. Google controls over 90% of the search market and setting up a Google Business Profile will make sure that your shop shows up in search results and on Google Maps.

To set up your business follow this link and add your business information.

2 – Build a Website & Set up Your Social Media

Now you know that Google will point customers in your direction online. You need to make sure that they will like what they see. A simple, sharp website with your menu and opening hours will boost your online presence and linking this to your social media will kickstart your journey into community building around your bubble tea business.

3 – Get Listed on Local Sites

While listing on Google is key to building your reputation, you should also explore local websites, message boards, and culinary sites. Getting listed on these sites will help grow awareness of your boba shop locally and drive customers to you. This is also a great place to meet and network with other local business owners.

4 – Ask For Reviews

To further build your bubble tea shop online presence you should ask for reviews on your Google Business profile. Bubble tea is a growing yet competitive market and positive reviews online will help you stand out from the crowd. Keep an eye on your reviews and respond to comments when you can. This shows the world you are an active, engaged business owner passionate about what you do!

5 – Start a Blog

Starting a blog is easy! Most website builders such as WordPress come with a built-in blog function which is easy to use. Starting a bubble tea blog on your website is the best way to share news, updates, product announcements, and anything else with your customers. If you write particularly good content you might start to build credibility amongst your readers and target audience which can help boost your search ranking on Google and will help direct traffic to your bubble tea shop.