Making Your Boba Shop A Place To Meet

How to make your bubble tea shop a place to meet, gather, and grow as a meeting place for the community.

In years gone by the coffee shop or the cafe was the place to meet. A place to gather, work, and relax. With the growth of bubble tea in the UK and Boba shops opening up and down the country this is slowly changing. Add to this the rise of remote working and there is a growing demand for Boba shops as a centre of social occasions. Here's how to make your bubble tea shop a boba meeting spot.

Making Your Boba Shop A Place To Meet

There are a number of advantages to pitching your boba shop as more than just a bubble tea takeaway.

1 – It draws in new customers

Making your Boba shop a destination will draw in new customers and larger groups of people, all of which is good for your business! In a competitive bubble tea market there are essentially two types of customers:

  • Existing bubble tea fans
  • People new to bubble tea

By making your boba shop a boba meeting spot you are more likely to attract both types of customer. Boba fans will see the additional benefit you shop offers and make the most of it. And people new to bubble tea will be more likely to try your place out as it has the additional benefits of a traditional cafe.

2 – Customers who stay longer spend more

This is a fact right across the restaurant and cafe industry. The longer you keep customers in your shop, the more they will spend. Obviously there are some caveats to this. At busy times there is an absolute benefit to serving customers quickly. For take-away customers or deliveries speed and efficiency is key. But at slower times and when you have the capacity, retaining customers for longer than usual is a great way to boost sales.

3 – Growing your brand

We have written extensively on the importance of growing your brand. And this should be central to how you make your boba shop a place to meet. The theme of your brand should be reflected in the environment you create and the community you seek to build.

There is a symbiotic benefit to this. When you create a boba meeting spot that reflects your brand, both grow stronger and are reinforced by each other.