Bubble Tea At Fresher’s Week

It's no secret that bubble tea is hugely popular in the UK. And as the largest bubble tea supplier in the UK we are passionate about sharing our love of boba with the whole country. One sector of the population that drinks more boba than most is students. And universities are getting in on the act. There has been a surge in popularity of bubble tea societies at university and we are proud to support this growth. We attended a number of freshers' weeks this year and in this post we take a look at the benefits of bubble tea at freshers' week.

Bubble Tea At Fresher's Week

Bubble tea has been making an appearance at more and more freshers weeks over the last few years and universities are increasingly looking to cater to the increased demand. If you're a student at university then the bubble tea societies and boba shops you find in fresher's week may be your boba hangouts for the next few years.

Boba shops on campus

There are a plethora of bubble tea shops opening up on campuses around the UK. And the first thing an undergraduate boba fan should do is find theirs. While some are still small, some such as University College London's boba shop in the engineering buildings are much bigger!

Boba shops around campus

Not every university has a bubble tea shop on campus (yet!) and so the next best thing is to find your local bubble tea shop. But, how do you know where to find the best bubble tea shop in your area?

Bubble tea societies

Most universities these days have a bubble tea society (socieTEA!) and if yours doesn't then why not start you own? Once again UCL is a prime example of bubble tea on campus with a thriving boba society. A boba society that also happens to run a brilliant Instagram page! These societies are a place for like-minded students to meet, work, and enjoy boba tea at universityThese are active groups that organise social events like bubble tea crawls, workshops, and trips to shops in nearby cities. All of these students are helping to spread the popularity of the bubbly beverage!

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