Bubble Tea Shop Customer Journey – Understanding Your Customers

Designing your customer journey might sound like something out of a software engineering sales pitch. But this is actually an excellent way of making sure bubble tea shop is a comfortable place to meet and enjoy great bubble tea.

A customer journey is the route that someone takes from the moment they encounter your product or service to the point of sale and beyond. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the details of your bubble tea enterprise. However, keep a clear mind and make sure you understand your boba shop customer journey. There are lots of things you need to get right in your bubble tea shop and making sure you know how a prospective customer becomes an actual customer (and a repeat customer!) is one of the most important.

Bubble Tea Shop Customer Journey

Getting people in

Take a minute to think about how a person passing your shop in the street is enticed in to your boba shop.

  • Is the entrance clearly marked?
  • Can you see into the shop from the window?
  • Is there a menu in the window?
  • Does the sign grab the attention?
  • Is your brand identity clear?

Once you have got people into your shop they need to get to the counter to order. It sounds simple but too many cafes, bars, restaurants, and boba shops make a mistake here. Make sure the path from the door to the counter is clear of obstructions, no matter how busy you are.

Securing sales

Once you have brought potential customers into your boba shop you need to convert this into a sale. Make the interior of your bubble tea shop inviting and reflective of your brand identity. Make sure your menu is clearly visible (above the register on a suspended board in large font works well) and the specials, options, and deals are all front and centre.

Getting people into your bubble tea shop is just the first stage, making sure you have created an environment in which they want to enjoy your bubble tea is the next big hurdle.

Building repeat business

Final step: Turn customers into fans. A one-off customer is good. But a repeat customer is great! Repeat customers will be the foundation of your loyal fanbase and are key to establishing a bridgehead in your market. Repeat customers bring friends and colleagues into your business and are worth their weight in gold to your business.