Building A Boba Shop From Good To Great

Starting a bubble tea shop is a massive step. Once you've got your business off the ground you'll be looking to grow. Here's 5 tips from building your boba shop from good to great.

There is so much to think about when starting and growing a business. From real estate and hiring staff to equipment and training, it can seem like a mountain to climb and there's a lot to get right. So when you finally reach a point of stability and business is good it can be tempting to sit back and relax. But in the competitive world of bubble tea you shouldn't be resting on your laurels. Now is the time to start building your boba shop from good to great.

Building A Boba Shop

1 – Reviews

You work so hard to perfect your bubble tea paradise for opening. Then you train your staff and have all the best equipment. Last of all you encourage your happy guests to leave a review. This is all great! But don't let it slip. Too many businesses make the mistake of ignoring reviews after they have been open for a while. And all it takes is one or two bad reviews left unresolved to hurt your well-deserved reputation.

2 – Engage

Like reviews, social media is one of the first things you'll be doing to grow your bubble tea shop. But, like monitoring reviews, keeping engaged on social media is a mistake too many boba shop owners make. Put together a schedule and make engaging on social media part of your routine. It is just as important to your business as your quality product.

3 – Preferences

You probably opened a bubble tea shop because you love boba. But don't fall in to the trap of offering the flavours and toppings that just you like! Monitor your sales and make sure you stay on top of your best selling items. Adjust your menu accordingly and don't be afraid of trying something new!

4 – Target

If everyone is your target market then nobody is your target market. It can be tempting to try to appeal to everyone, but this is a mistake. Identify your target market during your business planning phase and make sure you set up your boba shop in a way that facilitates this goal. If you are catering to the busy office worker then maybe you focus on takeaway. But if you're catering to the teenage and millennial crowd then maybe offering seating and space to meet is the way to go.

5 – Evaluate

What gets measured gets managed. By following points 1-4 you will know what you need to measure and managing these points will help you in building a boba shop from good to great.