Do I need a fructose dispenser for my bubble tea shop?

Any business should strive for exceptional customer service, and this drive for quality leads to the hospitality sector coming up with novel ideas to satisfy the customers. offering customisation whenever possible, including bubble tea shops.

Who doesn't need a fructose dispenser?

If you are a small shop selling fewer than 100 cups per day and not expecting to cross this threshold within a month or so, you probably do not need the fructose dispenser. The capital investment required for the machine may simply not justify the volume of sales.

If you are selling over 200 cups per day, or more than 60 cups per hour during peak times, then yes you should get one.

Are you planning to open a specialist bubble tea shop?

If your shop's primary product is bubble tea then you certainly should consider getting a fructose machine. This is because the customers coming to your shop will likely be demanding a high level of customisation

Customisation of sweetness

One main reason to buy a fructose machine is to offer varying levels of sweetness for your drink, to make sure the customers get the flavour they want. While this may seem like a minor issue, it's one of the small differentiating factors that can make you stand out against any other bubble tea shop. Each one of these machines can be programmed with the desired amount of fructose relevant to your recipe. For example, if your original recipe calls for 30ml of fructose (using this as the standard for 100% sugar level), and the customer wants only 50% or 75% of the sweetness sugar level, the machine can be preset to dispense 15ml or 23ml of fructose.

Speed and consistency

During busy times you want service to be fast and smooth. Having a fructose dispenser significantly reduces the preparation time per cup, and you can be confident that the dispensed amount is precise to the exact milliliter for the most consistent and efficient results.

Alternatives to a fructose dispenser

On the other hand, if you are not ready to invest in a fructose dispensing machine, you can still make bubble tea without it. Fructose can be stored in a container and you can use a ladle to serve the amount of fructose required.