How To Make Bubble Tea

Boba is hugely popular all over the world and is growing in the UK every day. We love bringing the best of bubble tea to you so today we are going to show you how to make bubble tea.

How To Make Bubble Tea

Choose your tea

There are many teas on offer for you to choose from. And it all depends on what kind of flavour you want to go for. The classics are milk tea and black tea which pair well with most sweeteners and flavours. But for a more unique taste check out taro or red bean teas and broaden your boba horizons.

Bubble tea is prepared hot, then cooled with ice. Therefore brew your tea to the strength you like it (we recommend brewing our Assam Black Tea for 15 mins, then strain into one of our thermal dispensers) and move on to the pearls.

Tapioca pearls or popping boba?

This is a big decision when it comes to boba. The classic teas tend to have the original tapioca pearls in them. Sweet, chewy, and an absolutely unique flavour, these pearls are a favourite of boba fans all over the world.

To prepare tapioca pearls, simmer in a pan with 1:10 dry tapioca pearls to water ratio (e.g. if you use 200g dry tapioca pearls then use 2000g or 2000ml water). This should take around 20 minutes. After 20 mins then turn the heat off and leave the tapioca pearls to continue to soak in the hot water for another 25 mins. Strain, rinse in cold water until cool to touch and then add brown sugar syrup or hazelnut syrup.

If you fancy a sweeter, fruity tea then you might want to try popping boba. These jelly-like balls are the creation of molecular-gastronomy and are an absolute favourite for adding a burst of flavour to your drink.

To prepare your popping boba, simply add the pre-bought flavour of choice to your tea during preparation. Making popping boba at home is tricky! So be sure to do your research if you choose to take that route.

Milk, creamer, sweetener

Adding milk, creamer, or sweetener to your tea makes the drink truly your own. You can fine tune the sweetness and flavour to your heart's delight. And you can iterate on your creation to perfect your ideal boba. Most sweeteners can be mixed straight in and voilà, your perfect bubble tea is ready to go!