Interviewing Boba Tea Fans – Part 2

In the second instalment of our series interviewing boba tea fans, we leave the capital and head to a small town that has just opened its first boba shop.

Venturing our of London and far up north there is a little town that has just seen its first dedicated bubble tea shop open. The fact that far from the international metropolis of a major city centre there is a bubble tea shop springing up is testament to the popularity of bubble tea in the UK. We have come to see what the locals make of this new addition in part 2 of Interviewing Boba Tea Fans.

Interviewing Boba Tea Fans – Part 2

The growth of bubble tea in the UK has not been limited to London and the major cities. There are a number of smaller towns where the first bubble tea shops are springing up. So we decided to head out and see what the locals made of their new boba spot.

“Have you tried your first bubble tea?”

Surprisingly, most people we spoke to had taken the plunge and tried their first bubble tea. For those used to classic English breakfast tea the flavours and toppings available was mind blowing. We spoke to a number of people who had been back over and over again to try new and more imaginative combinations.

It was nice to see that there were lots of families trying boba tea together. Many kids urged their parents to be more adventurous in their choices, although there were some surprised responses to popping boba!

“What's been your favourite bubble tea?”

The debate as to what the best bubble tea flavour is was just as spirited here as in London. There was, however, a bit of a generational split. We found that the millennials loved the fruity flavours and their parents preferred a classic milk tea.

We did find some adventurous souls who had tried, and loved, other classics like taro tea and Thai tea. Overall we were mightily impressed with the willingness to try new things and we think the future of bubble tea in the UK is in safe hands.

“Will you be coming back again?”

“Absolutely!”. This was the most common answer we got. People couldn't get enough of their tasty boba treats. From gentle milky teas to the wonderful world of popping boba, the locals loved their new boba spot.

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