Interviewing Bubble Tea Fans – Part 1

We hit the streets of a busy university town to find out why bubble tea fans love it so much.

When it comes to drinks with a passionate following nothing quite compares to bubble tea. All over the world there are fans flocking to their favourite boba shop everyday to try new and inventive flavours. We love the boba tea community so we hit the streets, Interviewing Bubble Tea Fans.

Part 1 – Interviewing Bubble Tea Fans in London

The capital was the obvious place to start when looking for boba fans in the UK. It was in London that the first bubble tea shops popped up and it is still the capital that boasts the largest number of bubble tea fans. London is a vibrant and diverse city and the boba on offer reflects the city. We spoke to dozens of bubble tea fans over a busy weekend and this is what they had to say.

“What do you love about bubble tea?”

When we asked this question to the hoards of bubble tea aficionados huddled outside boba shops all over London we got a range of answers. But the most common by far was the range of choice. From classic milky teas, lightly sweetened and with delightful tapioca pearls to chew on, to the infinite range of fruity bobas, complete with complementary or contrasting popping boba to add an extra twist, the range of options on a boba menu means you will always have an option, whatever mood you're in.

Another popular answer was “it reminds me of home”. As a diverse city boasting inhabitants from all over the world, London is home to many people for whom bubble tea was a childhood treat. Sipping a boba as a tasty treat was a way of connecting with home and reminiscing about times gone by for this international crowd.

“How does bubble tea bring you together?”

Faces lit up at this question and the answer was the same everywhere we went. The range of options available means that there is always something for everyone. And the low cost makes grabbing a bubble tea the perfect way to catch up with friends, try a tasty treat, and explore the city.

We love the fact that bubble tea brings people together and we love being part of that community. Serving so many boba shops that act as places to meet and connect is what makes us passionate about what we do.

“What is your favourite bubble tea flavour?”

This is the question with a million answers. Every bubble tea fan we asked had a different answer and there were some spirited debates! It was impossible to pick a winner but the top 3 most popular answers from our interviews were:

  1. Mango bubble tea with popping boba
  2. Matcha boba
  3. Chocolate boba