UK Single-Use Plastic Ban Impact On Bubble Tea Cups

The UK government is introducing a new single-use plastic ban in 2023 to combat pollution. In a previous post we summarised the new legislation and the impact on bubble tea shops. In this post we are going to take a deeper look in to the impacts of plastic legislation on bubble tea shops, specifically bubble tea cups. What will be the plastic ban impact on bubble tea cups in the UK. And what does the future look like for the boba tea industry?

UK Single-Use Plastic Ban Impact On Bubble Tea Cups

The good news for bubble tea shops is that this new law is targeting polystyrene cups and plastic plates and cutlery. While some boba shops may used plastic plates and cutlery, these are relatively easily replaced. Additionally, bubble tea shops use PP and PETG cups rather than Polystyrene cups. Polystyrene cups are more commonly used by takeaways for tea and coffee and are similar in texture to packaging polystyrene.

Business As Usual?

This means that the new October 2023 plastic pollution law will have a small impact on boba shops. For at least the next year bubble tea shops will be able to keep using the standard boba cups. The standard boba cup films are also excluded from this law as they are not polystyrene. As a boba shop owner you may be breathing a sigh of relief that the standard cups and  lids you use every day are not impacted by this law. However, this is not to say that the laws governing PP and PETG cups will not change soon.

Looking To The Future…

While nothing looks set to change in the near future, you can be sure that at some point the single use plastics used in the bubble tea industry will become further regulated or possibly banned. Regardless of how recyclable the plastics are, the government has stated an intention to eliminate all plastic waste by 2042. This initiative is known as the Resource and Waste Strategy – 25 Year Environment Plan and the ambitious target of eliminating all plastic waste which will inevitably include PP and PETG at some point.

While there is no pending legislation to this effect, forward thinking bubble tea shop owners would be well served by exploring other options well in advance of the legislation change. And when the rules do change, Taipec will be your go-to distributor for the next generation of boba cups.

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