Starting A Boba Business – 5 Things To Remember

When starting a bubble tea shop there is a lot to think about. But remember these 5 things and you will be on the right track.

Every aspect of your bubble tea shop requires careful consideration. From the decoration and branding to your menu and social media efforts, it's easy to get lost in the details. But zoom out for a second and consider the these 5 top tips to always keep in mind. Make sure you stay on track when starting a boba business.

Starting A Boba Business

1 – Limit your selection

Walk in to any large bubble tea shop and you will be greeted by an enormous list of options. It can be tempting to think you have to offer everything to your customers but this is not the case. Start by limiting your selection to a few options and do them well. Over time you can start to add to your menu and branch out.

2 – Efficiency is key

In a fast paced business like bubble tea efficiency is absolutely key. Serving your customers high quality, tasty bobas without delay is going to be the difference between your boba shop becoming a local hero, or a local zero. When training staff you should focus on quality and efficiency.

3 – Tell your story

Your brand identity and marketing story shouldn't just be something you make use of when launching your business. It can be easy to get lost in the demands of running a business but make sure your brand identity shines through in everything you do.

4 – Identify your target market

Don't just identify your target market, know it! There is a difference between selecting the market you want to service and understanding their needs and wants at a detailed level. Make sure you really KNOW your target market.

5 – Consistency is key

In everything you do, consistency is key. Reputation is lost far easier than it is won and making sure your standards don't slip is the most important thing you can do when building your boba tea shop. From customer service and social media engagement to staff training and equipment maintenance, a consistently high quality is vital to your bubble tea shop surviving and thriving.