The Best Locations for Bubble Tea Shops

As discussed in a previous post the location of a bubble tea shop is vital to the success of your venture.

The best locations for bubble tea shops will have high passing foot traffic and space for an attention-grabbing sign.

Bubble tea (or Boba tea) has grown to be one of the most popular takeaway drinks amongst the millennial generation and its bright colours and unique flavours have taken social media by storm. Bubble tea shops have been popping up all over the UK and here we discuss the important things to consider when choosing your location.

1 – Passing Traffic

Making sure you have a steady and reliable stream of passing customers will be vital to making your bubble tea shop a success. Your customers will likely be made up of two types: bubble tea enthusiasts and curious passing traffic. Making sure that you capture as much passing business as possible is key! The best locations for bubble tea shops to maximise passing traffic are:

  • Busy high streets.
  • In busy shopping centres.
  • Near universities with a large international student presence.
  • Near to public transport centres in large cities.
  • In densely packed office areas.

2 – Make Space for a Sign

Although it may be easy to overlook, the importance of branding should not be missed! The bright colours of bubble tea are a major attraction for first-time drinkers and the signage and branding of your bubble tea shop should reflect this. Making sure your shop has space for an eye-catching sign is key to attracting visitors. Visit the site and imagine how a bright, eye-catching, sign would stand out from surrounding shops and check local regulations to ensure this is allowed. Bubble tea shop signs should:

  • Be bright, colourful, and stand out.
  • Feature your logo and brand name clearly.
  • Make your bubble tea offering clear and differentiate you from others.
  • Be as large and eye-catching as possible
  • Be visible from far away along the street.

3 – Consistency is Key

You should consider how consistent your passing traffic will be and factor this in to your calculations. A shop in a busy city centre surrounded by offices may be busy at lunch time but may be quiet throughout the work day. Likewise a shop near a university may be far busier during exam season than the long university holidays when students move away. Understanding and knowing the area is key. You should aim to visit the area at multiple times of day and year to gauge passing traffic. You should also note that passing traffic can vary unpredictably, as many cafe owners found during the recent lockdowns.

The location of your bubble tea shop is perhaps the most important decision you will make. The best ingredients and staff training will not make up for a poor location, but you should remember that a good location is not a substitute for proper training and the best ingredients – both of which Taipec can help you with.