The Largest Bubble Tea Supplier In The UK: Taipec

Taipec are the largest bubble tea supplier in the UK and we have been proudly supplying the UK's burgeoning boba tea industry for nearly 15 years.

From humble beginnings in Taipei tea houses of the 1980s, bubble tea has grown to become a global hit. The UK was slow to catch on to the bubble tea trend but in recent years the popularity of bubble tea in the UK has been growing rapidly. In fact, boba is rapidly on its way to becoming a cult favourite in the UK. Taipec is proud to have been at the forefront of the meteoric rise of bubble tea in the UK. And as the UK's largest bubble tea supplier, we are dedicated to bringing the best of Taiwan to your boba shop.

The Largest Bubble Tea Supplier In The UK: Taipec

Taipec is more than just a boba supplier though. We offer the full range of products and services to help you achieve your boba dreams. This includes:

  • Great boba supplies
  • On-site training
  • Seasonal menu developmente label customisation
  • Business development consulting
  • Account management and customer service

Our Facilities

Taipec has the largest bubble tea warehouse in the UK and at 40,000sqft it is packed with everything you need to ensure the smooth running of your bubble tea shop. From consumables and equipment to a dedicated bubble tea training facility, Taipec offers an unrivalled level of service and will be your number 1 partner when building your boba business.

As the largest boba tea supplier in the UK by a wide margin you can rely on us for your every bubble tea need. Because of our scale, we offer unrivalled reliability of service, stability of supply and confidence in operations.

Our Service

Despite our scale, we still offer a highly personal service. Every customer is important to Taipec as we share a passion for bringing great bubble tea to the UK. From large chains and wholesalers to independent boba shops, everyone benefits from our exceptional levels of service.

Taipec’s dedicated purchasing team in Taiwan is always searching for the tastiest and most popular foods. We have a streamlined logistics operations to reduce unnecessary costs so we can pass those savings onto you while ensuring good stock availability for your business.

Interested In Making Taipec Your UK Bubble Tea Supplier?

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