Key Pieces of Bubble Tea Equipment

Bubble tea is wildly popular and boba shops are popping up all over the UK. Here, we take a look at three key pieces of bubble tea equipment.

Making bubble tea is like an art form, it is a true craft. And like any craft, you have to have the right tools for the job. This means that any growing bubble tea shop needs to think about its key pieces of equipment.

Key Pieces of Bubble Tea Equipment

1 – Cup Sealing Machine

The cup sealing machine is becoming more and more popular for one simple reason: deliveries.

The first is the rapid growth of delivery apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Wherever you are there is probably a speedy delivery service that will transport a boba from door-to-door and for this the cups obviously need to be water-tight. There are no two ways about it, if you want to profit from the rise of delivery apps, you will need a cup sealing machine.

2 – Fructose Dispenser

A fructose dispenser is a relatively new option for bubble tea shops and is a relatively uncommon piece of bubble tea equipment. But as the UK market grows and boba shops look to gain a competitive edge, precision and efficiency will be key. This is where the fructose dispenser comes in. Allowing you to precisely tailor the level of sweetness in each drink, all while increasing efficiency and reducing waste, will be a great addition to any boba shop.

3 – Tea Dispenser

On the subject of speed, efficiency, and minimising waste: tea dispensers. Allowing you to brew and keep warm large volumes of tea for when you need it, this will allow you to serve customers high quality bobas rapidly and easily. For a boba shop of any size this is an essential piece of bubble tea equipment.