What Is Popping Boba?

Bubble tea is instantly recognisable from the floating pearls bobbing around in the brightly coloured liquid. Tapioca pearls are synonymous with bubble tea but popping bobas are becoming more and more popular. But what is popping boba?

In a previous post we discussed the different types of pearls that are added to bubble tea. The pearls give boba a distinctive look and an even more distinctive taste and texture. Swilling around the brightly coloured tea these tiny balls of goodness are what makes boba, boba. The dark black boba pearls are practically synonymous with bubble tea, but as tastes and trends evolve the potential for new and inventive additions will always be imagined. So what is popping boba?

What is Popping Boba?

Unlike the traditional tapioca pearls that are made of tapioca starch, made from the cassava root, these tasty additions are made from a mixture of Sodium Alginate and either Calcium Chloride or Calcium Lactate. The process that forms the boba balls in to spheres is aptly named ‘spherification'. This process results in a thin jelly-like shell that encapsulates the flavour that rushes out when popped.

Unlike the chewy tapioca pearls, these popping pearls are generally smaller and pop when chewed. This is a great addition to any bubble tea and an absolute must for any bubble tea shop. Until now the tea and topping was the limit to the flavour. By adding popping boba a whole new dimension of flavour can be explored and bubble tea fans are going absolutely wild for it!

What Flavours Can You Get?

In short, anything you want! Fruity flavours are an absolute favourite and here at Taipec we offer a wide range of products. We also offer some more adventurous options including chocolate, coffee, and honey.

In the evolving world of bubble tea the taste opportunities that popping boba offers is a great opportunity and should not be missed. Pairing milky tea with fruit boba or adding another twist to fruity tea creates some unbelievable creations, what will you make?