Your Bubble Tea Supplier: Taipec, What We Offer

At Taipec we pride ourselves on our quality and experience. We are here to provide you with the finest ingredients and the best service possible as the UK's best bubble tea supplier.

Having a reputable supplier is key to your business. Knowing you can rely on them for the highest quality products and services will help you focus on running your business. Here at Taipec we pride ourselves on our delivering the highest quality and partnering with you to help your business grow and flourish. We are your trusted bubble tea and milk tea supplier.

What We Offer


When it comes to the import of Taiwanese goods, look no further. Taipec has been leading the way for well over a decade in supplying the UK with the finest goods Taiwan has to offer. From bubble tea and equipment to groceries of all kinds, our experience means you can trust us to supply what you need.


We are passionate about what we do! For us, this is about supplying the growing UK demand for bubble tea and other Taiwanese goods and helping you grow! Taipec is not just a bubble tea supplier. We cover the full range of Taiwanese food and drink as well as offering training and business development consulting to budding bubble tea entrepreneurs.


Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Taipec. Our experience and passion for the trade mean we select only the highest quality goods to sell and we work with an extensive network of partners in Taiwan to ensure we maintain our standards.


When you deal with Taipec it is important to us that you know who you are dealing with. We are proudly UK based and transparent in all of our dealings. We have even published a helpful starter guide on ‘how to know your bubble tea supplier is reputable‘. Taking pride in what we do, you can count on Taipec for all of your bubble tea needs.


Taipec is a one-stop shop for you boba needs. From traditional milk tea to the fruity flavours of contemporary boba we can cover your needs. We can also cater for demand of equipment, groceries, staff training and business development. Put simply we are your trusted partner to help grow your business.

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