Bubble Tea Instagram Hashtags – 5 More to Follow

The creative and colourful Boba tea creations flooding social media are great inspiration for your own creations.

Five more Bubble tea Instagram hashtags to follow.

1 – #Boba

Boba or Bubble Tea? There are infinite variations and combinations of bubble tea and despite the different names, boba and bubble tea mean the same thing. With nearly three million posts on Instagram this hashtag shows some of the most creative boba creations from around the world (and some decidedly less appealing images of Boba Fett!)

2 – #BobaTea

With over 1 million posts this is another must-have hashtag (with far fewer images of a certain star wars character…). Showing creative boba combinations from around the world these posts will give you some great ideas for your own Boba creations.

3 – #BobaLife

It is no secret that Boba tea has taken the world by storm and boba tea had gained almost cult status in some millennial populations. Following #BobaLife will give you the inside track on the latest developments in the world of boba tea.

4 – #BobaAddict

The cult status of bubble tea has led to the growth of the #BobaAddict hashtag with over 150 thousand posts on Instagram. We highly recommend following #BobaAddict.

5 – #BobaTime

Rounding out our list of five more bubble tea Instagram hashtags is #BobaTime which features nearly 250 thousand posts of some of the most salivating boba tea creations out there. If you are looking for inspiration you can look no further than this.

This completes our list of five more bubble tea Instagram hashtags to follow as a boba tea enthusiast or shop owner. For five more hashtags to follow see our previous post.