Instagram Hashtags to Follow – Top 5 Bubble Tea Hashtags

Bubble tea has taken the UK by storm and is synonymous with the millennial generation. The top 5 Instagram hashtags to follow to keep up to date with the latest trends in the world of bubble tea are…

1 – #BubbleTea

With nearly 3 million posts on Instagram with this hashtag, it is a must for any fan of bubble tea or owner of a bubble tea shop. A scroll through these posts showcases the variety of bubble teas on offer and the truly international nature of the bubble tea phenomenon. This is undoubtedly an Instagram hashtag to follow for any bubble tea fan.

2 – #BubbleTeaLover

Whether you’re an avid fan of bubble tea, a shop owner, or someone looking to get into the business in any way it is important to follow the trends. With over 250k posts on Instagram, this hashtag is a highlight reel of the inventive and tasty ways that bubble tea is taking over the world.

3 – #BubbleTeaShop

Whether you are already running a bubble tea shop or are looking to start this is an unmissable hashtag to follow. Featuring posts from all over the world and showcasing the best and most inventive bubble tea shops from Amsterdam to Singapore, this hashtag is a never-ending source of inspiration for you on your bubble tea journey.

Bubble Tea

4 – #BubbleTeaLovers

With a smaller following of just under 30k posts this hashtag shows the best and brightest (quite literally!) of home-made Boba from around the world. Although in the UK bubble tea shops are where most people get their fix, home-made drinks are growing in popularity and may be great inspiration for you and your shop.

5 – #BubbleTea In Your City

In the last 10 years bubble tea shops have popped up in cities all over the UK and many lie on the same street, some even opposite each other. To follow the trends and trials in your area follow the hashtags like #BubbleTeaInLondon and #BubbleTeaInManchester to see what people in your area are doing.

These are the top 5 bubble tea Instagram hashtags to follow to keep up to date with the creativity and trends in the world of bubble tea and make sure that you offer the best possible service. But knowing the trends is only the first step! Using a trusted supplier like Taipec and investing in training is the best way to run a high-quality and profitable bubble tea business.