Bubble Tea Sealing Film

If you're a bubble tea fan then you have probably seen boba cups sealed with a thin film. These thin films are a great low-cost alternative to lids and offer some exciting branding and growth opportunities. Interested? Read on to find out how bubble tea sealing film can help your business.

Bubble Tea Sealing Film

We stock bubble tea sealing film as well as the cup sealing machine that goes with it. Although this may be a large investment for many bubble tea shops, the value that cup sealing machines can add to a growing business should not be understated.

In this post we will explore some of the benefits of cup sealing films and why they might be right for your business.

Bubble Tea Sealing Film – Right for your business?

There are three key benefits to using a cup sealing machine. But first, why might a cup sealing machine not be right for your business? If your shop sells fewer than 100 cups per day then you are probably not ready for this investment. The economies are similar to fructose machines in this sense.


Efficiency is key for any business. If you are looking to grow your boba business then automating the cup sealing process with a cup sealing machine will help provide a marginal gain in a critical part of the bubble tea making process. If you are making hundreds of cups of bubble tea per day then the time and cost saving cup sealing film may be the way to go.


If you are looking to get in to the highly lucrative bubble tea delivery industry then a cup sealing machine is an absolute must. No matter how tasty your boba is, if the cup isn't sealed properly it won't survive the delivery journey. Bubble tea delivery is a huge business and with the predicted growth in the UK boba market, this is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of.


It's no secret that branding is key. And your boba brand is no different. Because of the importance of branding you should take advantage of every opportunity to put your logo in front of your customers. Customising cups and lids with your boba shop branding is a great opportunity to reinforce your brand with your customers, making sure they keep coming back! Contact us to find out more about cup sealing customisation.

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