Creamy Foam Bubble Tea

The world of bubble tea is endlessly creative. You name it and there is a boba for it! But the creamy foam bubble tea trend is one of the wackiest ideas we've come across.

Bubble tea is brilliant. Mixing simple ingredients to create endless flavours and a selection of toppings that could rival any dessert. Well now we can firmly say that creamy foam is one of those toppings. Let's look at the creamy foam bubble tea trend.

The Creamy Foam Bubble Tea Trend

We're not sure who had the brilliant idea to add a thick creamy foam to the top of a boba. But we absolutely love it! Although a little odd at first, you soon get used to the towering mass of cream and the range of flavours it complements makes it a great addition to any boba menu.

From the classic milk teas to more adventurous fruity teas, you are sure to find a bubble tea base to your liking that suits a creamy topping. We loved trying out chocolate boba with a creamy foam on top. The combination of sweet flavours with the rich undertones of both the boba and the cream were a unique boba experience. 10/10, we'll be trying it again!

But let's not forget that when it comes to bubble tea we aren't limited to the traditional tapioca pearls, popping bobas go great with a creamy foam topping and slurping up those last few boba with the remnants of creamy topping is a taste experience to savour.

Want to explore your boba imagination?

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