Beautiful Bubble Tea – How To Spot It

In a previous post we looked at the 5 ways to spot a beautiful bubble tea. So here are 3 more ways to spot a beautiful pearl tea.

There's no doubt that eye-catching milk-teas are highly Instagrammable. The bright colours, distinctive pearls, and endless creative combinations that make beautiful bubble tea are key to its success. Spotting a brightly coloured boba shop piques the interest of passing customers and can be a great way of encouraging passing customers.

But how do you spot a great boba? At first glance they may all look the same, but in truth a keen eye and attention to detail can help you spot the best and the brightest (and tastiest!).

So here we are, three more ways of spotting a beautiful bubble tea.

1 – Visibly Striking

This has to be top of our list. A great boba should be eye-catching and pleasing to look at, just take a look through Pinterest for inspiration. There are two main visual types of bubble tea:

  • Milk teas – pale and softly coloured with a striking contrast to the dark black tapioca balls
  • Fruity teas – brightly coloured with contrasting colours and flavours

While there is an infinite choice of boba tea ingredients, when running a bubble tea shop it is imperative to make sure every boba that leaves your shop is beautiful to look at. Whether it's a bright and fruity sweet treat or a traditional milky dessert drink, we have found that if it looks great… it usually tastes great too!

2 – A Busy Shop

Walking past any busy shop instantly arouses interest in a potential customer. And boba tea shops are no different. Before you even get to select your boba from the menu a bustling tea shop is a great indicator of good boba.

With the rise of bubble tea in the UK and more and more shops are opening across the country, a bustling shop is a sure-fire indicator of a great boba.

3 – Two Chew Pearls

Tapioca pearls are what makes boba, boba. They are a unique and tasty treat that make bubble tea a unique drink experience.

In our experience it is the quality of the tapioca pearls that are the best indicator of the quality of a boba. The best pearls should be soft to chew and should be chewed twice before swallowing.

Why This Matters

If you are a boba fan then knowing how to spot a good boba will help you discern great pearl tea experiences while exploring new places. And if you are running a boba tea shop then maintaining a high quality product is an absolute must.

Here at Taipec we are committed to helping you share the best of Taiwanese cuisine with your customers. We are passionate about great products and source only the highest quality goods for you from across the world.