More Lessons For Bubble Tea Shops

Following on from our previous post, here are 5 more lessons for bubble tea shops from successful cafés.

Our previous post covered 5 key lessons that bubble tea shop owners should learn from successful cafés. The oldest café in the UK has been established since the 17th century and so these drop-in delights clearly have some longevity to them! As bubble tea is far newer to the UK than cafés and coffee shops we are presenting 5 more lessons for bubble tea shops.

5 more lessons for bubble tea shops

1 – Invest in your team

Your staff will be on the frontline and will interact with every one of your customers. They will be the make-or-break difference between a great boba dining experience and one to forget. Invest in training and continual development of your staff and make sure they embody the best in your brand.

2 – Be seen

As owner it might be tempting to bury yourself in paperwork or think that working the floor isn't for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. You have more invested in the success of your bubble tea shop than anyone else and you should be on the frontline with your staff to show it. Not every day, of course, but enough to be seen to be pitching in and leading from the front by your staff and employees.

3 – Think about layout

Your boba shop interior will shape the experience your customers have. We have all had to navigate poorly laid out shops and restaurants and it can be a real pain point for your customers, navigating between the counter, tables, toilets, and exit. Ask yourself the following questions about you boba shop layout:

  • Is there a clear path from the door to the counter?
  • Are there tables too close to the toilets?
  • Where do people queue when it is busy?
  • Is there space to walk between the tables when people are sitting?

4 – Hire professionals

Everyone should know their strengths and weaknesses. As a bubble tea fan your strength is knowing the landscape of the market and building a strong brand. But if accounting, social media, law, and regulations are not your strong point then don't be afraid to hire professionals. Making sure you get these important points right will be a strong foundation for your business.

5 – Don't fear the competition

It can be scary seeing new boba shops open in your area and you may think that they are here to steal your customers. An increase in competition is not necessarily bad for you! This could very well be a sign that the boba market is growing and there are in fact more customers for you to serve! Stick to your brand and forge ahead with your business plan without fear.