Lessons Boba Shops Can Learn From Successful Cafés

With bubble tea shops opening all over the UK we take a look at what lessons boba shops can learn from successful cafés.

The UK is an exciting and growing market for bubble tea and there are bubble tea shops opening up and down the land. From big cities to smaller villages, bubble tea is the trend that is taking over. But with the opening of every new bubble tea venture there are potential problems and pitfalls. From staff and equipment to accounting and regulations, there is so much to get right. So, we are going to explore what lessons boba shops can learn from successful cafés.

Lessons Boba Shops Can Learn From Successful Cafés

As a new and up-and-coming boba business you are going to want to ensure that you grown fast but build sustainably. Starting a new bubble tea business can be daunting and we have posted a number of guides and helpful hints to help you on your way:

With boba being such a new phenomena in the UK we are turning to the well established world of coffee shops and cafes to see what lessons we can learn.

1 – Create somewhere you would like to visit

Remember that fundamentally you are building a place that people will visit. Whether they are just nipping in for a takeaway boba or they are sitting in to enjoy a bubble tea with friends, your boba shop is a place to visit. So, it follows that you should make your bubble tea shop a place that you would like to visit too. From the lighting and decoration to the ergonomics and staff, make sure you are providing a pleasant dining experience.

2 – Stay away from trends

Trends come and go, your business shouldn't. Ensuring you build a solid base of reliable customers who value you and your offering will be the foundation to your success. This is not to say that diversifying your offering as you grow is a bad thing, far from it! But you should avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket and investing in an over-hyped sector of the market that will quickly be replaced by something else. Make sure to always supply your customers with their old favourites, otherwise they might start going somewhere else! This is one of the best lessons boba shops can learn from successful cafés.

3 – Do a few things well

If you are catering to everybody, you are catering to nobody. Know your target market and how to entice them in. Learn what they like and provide it while introducing new and seasonal items to your menu to keep things fresh. You do not have to do everything (after all a pizzeria doesn't do fish and chips!) but executing your core offerings well will be key to your success.

4 – Quality is king

This one speaks for itself. Making sure you are consistently providing the highest quality products to your customers will ensure they keep coming back.

5 – Suppliers are key

And on the topic of quality, having the right supplier is key. Your supplier is your link to the highest quality products and as we know, quality is king. Your supplier is you trusted partner in everything you do and a good supplier will only make you better!

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