Plastic Ban Impact On Bubble Tea Shops

A new law that will ban use of some single-use plastics in the UK starting from October 2023. The law targets plastic plates and cutlery as well as expanded polystyrene cups and food containers. The Environmental Protection (Plastic Plates etc. and Polystyrene Containers etc.) (England) Regulations 2023 are part of an ongoing effort from the government to reduce the environmental impact of single-use plastics in the UK. In this post we will explore the plastic ban impact on bubble tea shops.

Plastic Ban Impact On Bubble Tea Shops

As a bubble tea shop owner you need to stay on top of the changes to laws and regulations. As the UK's number 1 bubble tea supplier we aim to bring you the latest in news and updates to the laws that may impact your boba business.

What You Need To Know

The first thing to know is that this law appear to target polystyrene cups. This is good news for bubble tea shops that typically use PP or PETG cups. Polystyrene cups are made from the same type of polystyrene as is found in packaging and is often used for hot drinks like tea and coffee. If your boba shop also offers tea and coffee you will need to check what type of cups you are using and maybe look to make a change.

If you serve food alongside your bubble tea then you will need to transition away from plastic plates and cutlery. This law only impacts food that is ready to be consumed without preparation. This would include a serving of fresh dumplings from your boba shop (a great food pairing. However, this would not impact pre-packed items that you sell where customers take them home for preparation and consumption.


In summary, this law should not have a huge impact on a bubble tea shop. As boba shops do not typically use plastic plates and cutlery, or polystyrene cups. If you do use these items then Taipec is your trusted supplier to source alternatives, alongside all of your bubble tea needs.

In future posts we will look in more detail at the future of PETG and PP cups that are used in boba shops all over the world.

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