Perfect Bubble Tea Food Pairings

Bubble tea is great to enjoy while out and about. But what are the perfect bubble tea food pairings when you fancy an extra treat?

From classic milky teas with chewy tapioca pearls to the vibrant colours and explosive flavours of popping boba; bubble tea is a favourite all over the world. And in the last few years there has been a massive increase in the interest in bubble tea in the UK. From small beginnings just a few years ago, bubble eta in the UK is now a massive business. But what happens when you're feeling peckish and fancy a tasty treat to go with your boba? What are the perfect bubble tea food pairings?

Perfect Bubble Tea Food Pairings

1 – Mochi

Mochi and boba are a match made in heaven. The smooth mochi with its rich aroma and wide range of flavours is the perfect companion to a tasty boba. From fruit mochi and classic to the more adventurous red bean flavours, mochi is sure to hit the spot!

2 – Dumplings

If you're in the mood for a savoury complement to a sweet or milky boba then dumplings are an excellent choice. With hundreds of options available all over the world, dumplings are the perfect companion when sipping on a boba. Looking to up your dumpling game? Try our dumpling hot sauce or garlic sauce for an extra hit of flavour.

3 – Nougat Biscuits

And if you just can't get enough of boba, look no further than our boba nougat biscuits. Tasty, crunchy, and ready to eat, pair these with a boba of your choice and watch your taste buds go wild!

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