Why Popping Boba is the Perfect Addition to a Summer Drink

A popping boba summer drink is the next trend in the world of bubble tea.

Unlike traditional black tapioca pearls, popping boba pops when chewed and releases a rush of flavour. This makes popping boba a wildly popular addition to any boba. Creativity has been at the heart of bubble tea since its creation and the ever-evolving array of sweeteners, syrups, toppings, pearls, teas, and additions makes it an enduring favourite among boba tea fans eager to try something new.

And something new has emerged. Popping boba is versatile and provides an infusion of flavour to nearly any drink. Reimagining old favourites such as Pimms and cocktails to make a perfect popping boba summer drink is the boba trend of 2022 to look out for!

A Popping Boba Summer Drink

Spoilt for Choice

When it comes to popping boba, you are spoilt for choice. The flavour options are wide-ranging and always expanding, and the selection of fruity flavours complements existing summer drinks well. And if you're feeling more adventurous, here at Taipec, we offer popping boba flavours from mango and pomegranate to chocolate and honey!

Bright & Colourful

More flavour options mean more colour combinations. There will always be a blend to match your summer outfit and complement the old favourite you want to remix into a popping boba summer drink.

From sporting events to family days out, a splash of colour is the rhythm of summer, and popping boba is here to add a new twist to your old favourites!

Fun in many Forms

Not only can you enjoy these popping juice balls with tea, they are also a great addition to desserts like ice cream and cakes. Why not try adding them to a cocktail? Let your imagination run wild, and see what you can come up with!

Tasty yet Healthy

There are few things in life that taste good and are good for your body; thankfully, popping boba is one of these rare commodities! Each serving of these fun bubbles only contains around 30 calories, allowing you to keep that beach body all summer long.