Popping Balls

Bubble tea is instantly recognisable by the small floating pearls that add a tasty twist to traditional tea. Originally chewy tapioca pearls were used in bubble tea, but popping boba are the fun and fruity alternative. These balls of flavour are designed to pop when chewed and release a concentrated burst of flavour into the bubble tea. They can be used to reinforce the flavour of a tea or to add a complimentary flavour into the equation.

Taipec offer a huge range of popping boba that make an excellent addition to any bubble tea. From the well-known orange and strawberry to the more exotic honeydew and kiwi, popping boba are the perfect addition to bubble teas.

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But that’s not all. Popping boba is an excellent way to add an infusion of flavour to drinks and desserts. From fruity bubble teas to cocktails and desserts, the opportunities for popping boba to add a dash of flavour are endless.

What is popping boba?

Popping boba are small spherical balls bursting with flavour that are added to bubble tea to infuse it with flavour and provide a refreshing pop at every bite.

This is what sets popping boba apart from traditional tapioca pearls. And what makes them literally pop! While tapioca pearls are an old favourite and offer a chewy, slow-release flavour, popping boba offers a whole different taste experience. We love how popping boba offers a new twist on an old favourite, keeping the spirit of innovation and creativity alive for the next generation of bubble tea lovers.

How is popping boba made?

Popping boba balls are made from a mixture of Sodium Alginate and either Calcium Chloride or Calcium Lactate and are formed using a process called spherification (literally – turning into a sphere). The result is a small ball of juice with a thin jelly-like shell. This shell holds the flavour in until bitten into when it releases it into the boba.

How does popping boba pop with flavour?

Popping boba literally pops when bitten into, but the magic of the intense flavour is what really makes them pop! Infused with a concentrated burst of flavour similar to juice concentrates, what makes popping boba really pop is the ability to pack a flavourful punch.

Quality with Taipec – Popping boba

Here at Taipec, we are passionate about bringing the best of Taiwanese cuisine to the UK. And a huge part of this is bubble tea. From traditional milky teas with chewy tapioca pearls to intensely flavourful fruity teas packed with popping boba, we use an extensive network in Taiwan to supply only the best produce to you and your customers.

Our popping boba is no different. With high quality comes the reliable taste you know and love, as well as the knowledge that your delicate boba will reach its destination intact – only popping when they’re ready!

Popping Boba Guide

It may seem like there are infinite flavour combinations when it comes to popping boba, but we’ve picked out 5 popular popping boba and their drink combinations to get the creative boba juices flowing.

Honey Popping Boba

Honey may be a surprise at the top of our list, but we absolutely love these pearls of sweet honey goodness. Complementing the soft milky tones of traditional tea and the fruity twist of fruit teas, honey-popping boba is perfect when added to a fruity or a milky tea and offers a unique bubble tea experience.

Lemon Popping Boba

Perfect for a hot summer’s day or whenever you are in need of some zesty refreshment, lemon-popping boba provides an intense burst of citrus to any bubble tea. Lemon-popping boba pairs well with fruity teas but are also excellent in desserts and cocktails, adding a contemporary twist to old favourites.

Watermelon Popping Boba

Although not commonly associated with tea, watermelon-popping boba is a novel way of livening up any fruity bubble tea. Pairing excellently with any subtly sweet fruity tea such as strawberry and even providing a double hit of watermelon flavour when added to a watermelon tea powder.

Blueberry Popping Boba

Juicy, aromatic blueberry is a quintessential taste of summer in the UK. And now that taste is just a bubble tea away. Pairing nicely with any fruity bubble tea while also providing an intriguing contrast of flavours for more traditional milky teas, we can see why people love blueberry-popping boba.

Pineapple popping boba

Last but certainly not least, on our list of popping boba is pineapple. This zesty and unique flavour brings tropical magic to any bubble tea it is added to. Perfect for an outlandish fruity boba, pineapple popping boba is a taste sensation not to be missed.

Popping boba, mixed and matched

One of the biggest advantages of popping boba is that they can be mixed and matched. With each ball bursting with flavour, a single bubble tea can have two or even three additional flavours with the addition of popping boba. Contact us today for all your popping boba needs

Popping Balls