Boba for Newbies

Boba for newbies – everything you need to know if you're new to the world of bubble tea.

Bubble tea is wildly popular all over the world but has only recently exploded in popularity here in the UK. If you're new to the world of bubble tea then look no further than our introduction to boba for newbies.

Boba for Newbies

1 – What is boba?

Boba tea, or bubble tea (or any of its other names) is a Taiwanese sweet drink that emerged as a favourite in the Taipei tea houses of the 1980s, before growing in popularity to reach every corner of the world. Fundamentally, boba is a mixture of tea, sweetener, and fillings. The traditional filling for milk tea is tapioca pearls and the more adventurous fruity bobas use popping boba for an infusion of flavour.

2 – Milk or no milk?

The first decision you need to make as a boba newbie is whether you want milk, or no milk. If you are in the mood for a refreshing hit of fruity flavour then a popping boba might be for you. These generally come without milk whereas the more traditional bubble teas are milk based.

3 – Limit your toppings

It may be tempting to throw everything in to your bubble tea when presented with the wide range of options available. But as a boba newbie it's a good idea to start small and experiment, working out what you like and building your boba taste pallet from their.

4 – Boba is filling!

Bubble tea is filling! For your first time don't fall in to the trap of overstretching yourself. Take your time to enjoy a small boba first, and maybe even go back for a second.

5 – Share your boba online

Just tried bubble tea and looking for what to try next? Head over to Instagram and share your bubble tea adventures with the world.