Bubble Tea Ingredients Guide

Bubble tea is big. Like, really big. Every year millions of bobas are consumed and by 2027 the global bubble tea industry is expected to become a £3 billion business. Although the UK was initially slow to catch on to the bubble tea trend, its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. With popularity really taking off in around 2014, the following decade has seen boba shops open in all corners of the country. With the growing popularity of bubble tea you may be wondering, what's it all about? In this post we'll answer that and more. Giving you an overview of bubble tea's history, before delving in to a bubble tea ingredients guide. Interested? Read on.

Bubble Tea Ingredients Guide – What You Need To Know

The beauty of bubble tea lies in its simplicity. Mix tea, a sweetener, and some tasty pearls and you will have yourself a boba. There is an infinite range of styles and flavours available to you and in this post we will explore just a few of them. We want you to explore your boba passions. And who knows, maybe you'll one day launch your own boba shop. But first, some history.

Bubble Tea – A short history

There is no agreement as to who first invented bubble tea, but all stories share a common theme. Bubble tea was invented sometime in the 1980s in one of Taiwan's many tea shops by mixing tea with tapioca pearls. These tapioca pearls are a feature of all classic bobas. Formed by mixing tapioca starch from cassava root with hot water and soaking the resulting balls in brown sugar syrup results in a unique and tasty treat.

Over the years bubble tea grew in popularity. First across Southeast Asia and then to the Americas. From then boba made its way to Europe and the UK. Bubble tea's popularity in the UK makes it one of the most popular drinks in the UK. Walking down any high street in the UK on a summer's day you will probably see groups of people sipping boba tea.

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Bubble Tea Ingredients Guide

The three key ingredients of bubble tea are: tea, sweetener, and pearls. In this short guide we will explore all three, and how they come together to create some amazing boba.

Bubble Tea – Tea

It should come as no surprise that tea is the first ingredient on our list. Tea is the foundation of of any boba and you can use just about any tea you like. From Earl grey, Green tea, and Black teas to Assam and Oolong, whatever your tea preference, there is a boba for you.

Generally, black tea and Assam tea are favourites for traditional milk tea and green tea is a favourite for fruitier popping boba. The key difference between traditional milk tea and fruity popping boba teas are the pearls used.

Bubble Tea – Pearls

There are two major types of pearls are tapioca pearls and popping boba. While traditional pearls are made from tapioca starch, popping boba are a fruity alternative made by a process of spherification. When bitten in to they release a pool of sweet flavouring. And with flavours as diverse as chocolate and pineapple, there's a popping boba for everyone.

These pearls are what really set bubble tea apart. Distinct from both desserts and teas, boba stands in a category of its own.

Bubble Tea – Sweetener

While both tea and pearls set boba apart. It's the sweetener that tunes a boba to perfection. As a sweet treat you can add almost any flavour to your bubble tea. From plum and ginger to citron and lychee there an endless range of flavours you can create.

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