5 Things To Know About Bubble Tea

From the bustling streets of Taipei to the trendy cafes of London, bubble tea has become a global sensation. This sweet, often colourful concoction, complete with its iconic tapioca pearls, has captured the hearts and taste buds of millions. But beyond its delightful taste, there's a rich tapestry of history, culture, and innovation that many are unaware of. In this post, we'll delve into the fascinating world of bubble tea, unveiling five intriguing facts that might just change the way you sip your next boba. So, grab your straw and let's embark on this flavourful journey! Here are 5 things to know about bubble tea.

Whether you like a traditional cream tea with soft, chewy tapioca pearls; or a blast of flavour with a fruity popping boba, here are 5 things to know about bubble tea. Some might just surprise you!

5 Things To Know About Bubble Tea

1 – Bubble tea is wildly popular in the UK

Although the UK was slow to catch on to the bubble tea trend, once it landed on our shores, we could not get enough! Bubble tea is hugely popular in the UK and this trend is only set to continue.  A recent article on Vice.com, How Bubble Tea Conquered the British High Street, delves into the meteoric rise of bubble tea in London, highlighting its growing influence and the city's insatiable appetite for this Taiwanese delight.

2 – It has a lot of different names

Bubble tea has a lot of names. Like, a lot. From bubble tea and boba to milk tea and pearl tes, we explored the differences and similarities between them in a previous post, Bubble Tea? Pearl Tea? Boba? What’s The Difference?. Because of this, boba novices can be confused. But whatever your favourite, you should know your pearls from your popping boba!

3 – Where the bubbles come from…

One of the more surprising things to know about bubble tea is where the ‘bubbles' come from. It is a common misconception that the tapioca pearls or popping boba are the ‘bubbles'. The ‘bubble' in bubble tea comes from the bubbles that appear when the mixture is shaken… the more you know!

4 – Tapioca pearls are made from roots?

Another surprising fact is that tapioca pearls are actually made from roots. Specifically, the tapioca starch comes from the cassava root. These chewy pearls are what makes bubble tea unique and we stock a wide range of tapioca balls boba toppings here at Taipec.

5 – It all started back in the 1980s

The history of bubble tea is shrouded in mystery. There is no definitive story of who first invented bubble tea, but we do know that it first appeared in Taipei tea houses during the 1980s and quickly spread across south east Asia. From here, bubble tea conquered the world. From Taipei to Toronto, and London to Lusaka, you can find yourself a boba.

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