Bubble Tea Powders UK

Bubble tea powders are key to any bubble tea shop. They are the base that forms huge numbers of tasty teas served in boba shops all over the world. Containing both tea and flavouring (as well as creamer sometimes!) they drastically reduce the time to serve your customers and allow you to make easily repeatable bubble teas over and over again. Because of this, your customers will keep coming back. In this post we look at Taipec's UK supplies of bubble tea powders.

Bubble Tea Powders UK

The two main ingredients of bubble tea are teas and flavourings. The combination of the two key ingredients in powder form allows you to rapidly make large amounts of tasty bubble tea at a moment's notice. Whether you run a fast-paced boba shop, are an ambitious growing bubble tea business, or if you just want to experiment at home, bubble tea powders are the way to go.

The two types of powder

There are two major types of bubble tea powder: 2-in-1 and 3-in-1. While 2-in-1 powders contain tea and flavouring, 3-in-1 powders also contain creamer.

2-in-1 Powder

2-in-1 powders are the standard in the bubble tea business. Perfect for producing huge volumes of tasty sweet bubble tea, our selection of 2-1in-1 powders is a must for your boba business. We stock a range of powders on our online store and some of our favourite powder flavours include classic milky tea, matcha, and chocolate.

3-in-1 Powder

Looking for something more from your bubble tea powder? Adding creamer in to your 2-in-1 to make it 3-in-1 powder gives your bubble tea something a little extra. Creamer adds a thicker and sweeter aspect to your boba and is rapidly becoming a mainstay in the UK bubble tea business. Some of our favourite 3-in1 bobas include thai milk tea and classic milk tea.

If you're looking for a middle ground, we also offer creamer powder – so you can make your own 3-in1!

Interested in bubble tea?

Bubble tea is a brilliant business. We are passionate about sharing the best of Taiwan with the UK. And to do this we partner with thousands of UK bubble tea businesses all over the country. Interested in seeing what Taipec can do for you? Contact us today.