Tea Powders

Tea powders are a key ingredient in bubble teas, supplying the tea that forms the base of the drink that has taken over the world. Tea powders are a convenient way to add rich flavours and infuse your bubble tea creations with rich and varied flavours.

From humble origins in Taiwan in the 1980s, bubble tea has become a worldwide sensation, and it is tea powders that make all of this possible. There is a vast range of bubble tea powders, from matcha and milky to chai and black. In fact, just about every tea you can imagine comes in handy powder form. This allows you to mix, match, and create to your heart’s content all manner of bubble tea concoctions.

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What are tea powders?

Tea powders were created for the convenience of preparation and ease of transportation. Tea powders are finely ground forms of tea leaves that can be easily dissolved in liquid. They are created by carefully grinding tea leaves into a fine powder, which allows them to be easily added to drinks like bubble tea.

Tea powders retain the essence and flavours of the original tea leaves, offering a concentrated burst of taste and aroma. The versatility of tea powders like matcha tea powder, milk tea powder, and even jelly mix powder (for an extra burst of sweetness) provides bubble tea fans with endless opportunities.

Where does bubble tea come from? And how is it made?

Tea powders are derived from the same tea leaves we find in tea bags or loose-leaf tea.  Grown on tea plantations around the world, the leaves are carefully selected, harvested, and processed to preserve their natural qualities. After undergoing a preparation process including withering, rolling, oxidation, and drying, the tea leaves are finely ground into powder form using specialised machinery. This grinding process ensures that the tea powder retains its flavour, colour, and nutritional components.

Special care is taken to avoid sacrificing the quality of tea when producing tea powders, leaving a rich and aromatic taste sensation that can be shipped around the world, stored in any tea shop, and used at a moment’s notice for the perfect bubble tea.

Quality with Taipec

Here at Taipec, quality is everything. From the standards of customer service to the tea we share with the world, we maintain the highest quality. We do this because we are passionate about bubble tea, and we want to share our love of boba with the world.

Sharing this love of boba with the world starts with the highest quality teas that we source directly from Taiwan, the home of tea. But what bubble tea powders can you get from Taipec?

Tea powder guide

There are many different types of tea powder, and in this section, we will look at just a few of them to understand the differences in flavour and what they work well with.

Matcha Tea Powder

Matcha tea is a green tea traditionally consumed across Southeast Asia that has gained prominence in the UK in recent years as a healthy alternative to black tea. Packed with antioxidants and bursting with flavour, matcha tea is perfect for matcha lattes and bubble teas with refreshing ice and delicious popping boba. And, of course, the highest quality matcha tea powder makes the perfect tea every time.

Tea powders come in 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 varieties. 2-in-1 means that the tea powder has its rich flavour already mixed with creamer (milk), so all you need to do is mix a few spoonfuls with a well-selected creamer and add hot water. 3-in-1 powders, on the other hand, come with the creamer already mixed in. Both 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 provide a reliable and tasty base for bubble teas, with each offering distinct flavour options for any bubble tea fan.

Milk Tea Powder

Undeniably a classic tea, milk tea powder is an old favourite that has endured the test of time. Providing the traditional base for bubble teas, milk tea powder is as versatile as it is tasty, creating that perfect tea or boba every time. Great with traditional tapioca pearls or fruity popping boba, milk tea powder is a must for every boba shop.

Fruity Tea Powders

Alongside the traditional tea powders, Taipec is pleased to offer a wide selection of fruity tea powders. Made using the same processes as traditional tea powders but with an infusion of fruity flavour, these fruity tea powders are a perfect base for some delicious bubble tea combinations.

From cantaloupe to banana and mango to melon, Taipec has the perfect fruity tea for you. Bubble teas are, of course, not limited to one tea. Boba fans are nothing if not adventurous, and the powdery nature of these teas means that they can be mixed and matched to create all sorts of weird and wonderful flavours. Some of the best combinations we have come across include melon and cantaloupe, banana and mango, and strawberry and papaya. If you are looking to add a burst of flavour to a bubble tea without adding additional syrups or sweeteners, this is the perfect way to do it!

Taro Tea Powders

Made from the root of the taro vegetable, taro tea has a beautiful lilac colouring that contrasts exquisitely with the dark black of tapioca pearls of traditional bubble tea.

Taro bubble tea has become one of the most popular boba flavours in the UK recently, and we can see why. With its bright colouring and its buttery popcorn-esque taste, it offers a brilliant twist on tried and tested teas. And, of course, that flavour can be tweaked and tried with various creamers and syrups to craft the perfect bubble tea.

Jelly Mix Powder

Although not strictly a tea, we couldn’t resist including jelly mix powder in this list. Made with natural herbal grass extract, this jelly powder makes the perfect tasty jelly toppings for boba or desserts.

To prepare, simply mix with water and stir, then pop the mixture in the fridge and allow the jelly to set. Contact us for all of your tea powder needs.

Tea Powders