Striking Bubble Tea – Our Top Colour Combinations

Striking bubble tea is part of the Instagram appeal of the phenomenon and the bright colours make it instantly recognisable.

Boba is arguably the most striking looking drink on the market. The spherical tapioca pearls suspended in boldly coloured teas make for a head-turning look. With a wide range of available tea flavours and endless fruity flavourful combinations there's a boba for everyone! Here’s a list of some of our favourite colour combinations for a striking bubble tea!

Black & Bold

The signature look of black pearls in an ultra-bright coloured fruity tea has to be the first on our list. Think of a colour and, chances are, there’s a boba flavour for it! For example, our top three colours for a striking bubble tea:

Orange – With flavours such as mango, passionfruit, or of course orange a vibrant boba is just around the corner.
Green​ –  A natural look achieved by flavours such as avocado, kiwi, or apple.
Pink​ – Achieved by flavours such as strawberry, cherry, or watermelon.

Mix & Match

An even funkier look inspired by the slushy craze can be created by using flavoured or popping boba in a different flavoured tea. Once again, you can get almost any flavour and colour of boba you want, so the combinations are endless!

Contrast between the pearls and the liquid is what will make your boba really stand out. Using colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel is a way to guarantee this effect, green and red for instance!. The colour wheel was first proposed by Sir Isaac Newton (amongst his many endeavours!) and is an easy to use tool for designing striking colour combinations.

For a two-colour combination simply take two colours opposite each other on the colour wheel and for more colours, simply pick colours at an even spacing around the colour wheel. We have listed some of our favourite colour combinations below, see if you can recognise these patterns in every day brands:

  • Red and Green
  • Blue and Orange
  • Purple and Yellow

There are endless colour combinations for bubble tea and we love the creativity of the boba fans. Above all, the question is what will you create?