Boba Photography Tips – 5 More Must-Know Tips

Boba is the sweet treat that has taken over the world and Instagram. Here are 5 of our best boba photography tips.

Like you, we can't get enough of everything boba. We have already covered the boba Instagram hashtags everyone should follow (here & here), and a previous post outlined some top boba photography tips. We love seeing the diversity of creations of bubble tea on Instagram, so now, we're taking your bubble tea photography game to another level with 5 more top tips to get your #Boba snaps trending.

1 – Be colour conscious

Bubble tea is bright! The contrast between the tapioca balls and the tea is visually pleasing and makes the photos pop. This vibrance can be exaggerated further by using complementary colours for the background to really make your boba stand out.

2 – Try different angles

Don’t limit yourself to just the directly side-on photo; it shows the contrast in colours, but, let’s be honest, it’s boring! Capturing the drink at an angle adds some depth to the image and can help to make the drink look wider or taller – we all know size matters! 

Try holding your boba to the sky or getting down on the ground while perching your bubble tea on a pedestal. The summer sky can make the perfect natural background.

3 – Adjust the depth of field

Once you’ve selected your preferred angle, think about how much of the image you want in focus. Use a deep depth of field if you want to capture the background, as this keeps most of the photo sharp.

A shallow depth of field will result in a limited area of the photo being in focus and is the option we would recommend to make your tea stand out. You can take this even further to keep just the balls or straw in focus, depending on your angle.

Focus on your boba! That's what the people want to see, and adjusting your depth of field is a great way to keep the focus where you want it. You can do this simply on most smartphones by tapping in your boba on the screen. Or, you can go into portrait mode for a more in-depth adjustment.

4 – Don’t hide!

Adding human elements makes a photo look more authentic. A happy drinking face tells a story and is the best review a bubble tea shop can get! It’s also another way of showing off the size of the drink, as it adds some perspective to the image.

Bubble tea is a great way to catch up with friends, so why not include them in your snaps and tag them with your bubble tea on Instagram?

5 – Find flattering filters

Editing is the final step before sharing your photo with the world. There’s an endless number of apps and software packages available nowadays, most of which come with pre-made filters that can be quickly added and compared. We suggest opting for a filter that complements the feel of the photo and amplifies the colours of the drink.

For traditional milky teas, try a sepia or black-and-white filter to bring out the contrasting tones of your bubble tea. And for a fruity boba, up the contrast and watch those colours pop for the perfect boba on Instagram shot!