Taro Bubble Tea

Of all the boba flavours popular around the world, Taro Bubble Tea is an enduring favourite. But what gives it its distinctive colour and taste?

When perusing the menu of your local bubble tea shop you will be greeted with a wall of flavour options. With endless combinations of bright colours and popping boba you may have missed a classic bubble tea favourite: Taro Boba. Its soft jasmine colouring contrasting sharply with the deep black chewy tapioca balls provides a visually appealing and intriguing bubble tea. Whether its taro pearl tea or taro boba, it's not to be missed!

What is Taro Bubble Tea?

What is Taro?

Taro pearl tea is incredibly popular in South-East Asia where the drink originated. Walking down any busy high street you will likely see these soft purple drinks contrasting with the brightly coloured fruity alternatives. But is Taro?

Taro is one of the oldest crops in the world and is a starchy staple root vegetable across much of South-East Asia. Because of this it is a traditional boba base and its distinctly soft purple colour comes from the natural white-purple colour of the root.

What does Taro Boba taste like?

Taro offers a unique taste experience for bubble tea fans with a sweet natural, vanilla taste. A hint of nut that provides a careful balance between sweet and savoury complements this sweet flavour. Adding to this the traditional tapioca balls and syrup to sweeten to your taste and you have a unique tasty treat that is a favourite amongst many boba fans.

Is it Lactose Free?

In a previous post we discussed lactose-free creamers. Whether boba is lactose-free is the first question on many people's lips. Whether through health restrictions or the shift to a plant-based diet lactose-free options are a great alternative.

While milk is often added to boba to complement the tea flavour; the addition of alternative milks such as oat milk is a great way of making sure that your boba remains lactose-free. In addition to this, the slightly nutty flavour of taro complements the occasionally nutty flavour of alternative milks. This makes taro pearl tea a perfect lactose-free boba.