Non-Dairy vs Lactose-Free Creamer

Creamer is commonly added to bubble tea and can be proportioned according to the desired sweetness. Aside from standard creamer, there are a number of alternatives for lactose intolerant people and others seeking milk alternatives. See our blog on vegan bubble tea here.

While at first glance it appears as though non-dairy creamer and lactose-free creamer must be the same thing. After all, it is lactose that is commonly associated with dairy products and people who are lactose intolerant generally avoid dairy products. There is an important difference, however. And if you are a bubble tea fan or shop owner this is one you should now. Read on to find out the subtle difference: non-dairy vs lactose free.

Non-dairy vs lactose-free

The difference is slight but important. It is important to note that the definitions are not always abided by and you should always check the label to understand what is in your products. Non-dairy is generally accepted to mean less than 0.5% by weight dairy products and so there is a chance that ‘non-dairy' products will contain trace amounts of dairy in the form of sodium caseinates.

On the other hand, lactose-free products refer to products that have the lactase enzyme added. This alleviates the negative symptoms lactose intolerant people experience when they consume dairy products. So confusingly, lactose-free products can also be dairy.

Are Creamers Vegan?

Non-dairy creamer is often vegan, being made from plant substitutes rather than milk, but as non-dairy products sometimes contain milk traces you should check the label to be sure. Lactose-free creamer may be vegan but again, always check the ingredients!

As a consumer you should know the common ingredients of the products going into your bubble tea. Also, be sure to ask at unfamiliar shops to be sure. As a bubble tea shop owner you should be sure to stock a range of products to cater to a wide range of dietary choices. Adding these options to your menu is a great way to increase your customer base.