5 Things Only Boba Fans Know

Think you're a true boba fan? Test your knowledge with our top 5 things every boba fan should know.

Bubble tea has a global following of devoted fans who spur the growth and creativity in this tasty market. What makes boba special is its combination of uniqueness and the boundless flavour options. Whether you prefer a milky classic or a contemporary fruity twist, there's something for you in the world of bubble tea. Do you think you're a true boba fan? Test your knowledge with Taipec's 5 things only boba fans know.

5 Things Only Boba Fans Know

1 – Quality of pearls = Quality of boba shop

The one true test of a bubble tea shop is the pearls. Good tapioca pearls are the hallmark of genuine boba and are one thing for every boba aficionado should be able to judge.

Tapioca pearls are the edible, translucent black pearls that float around in the bottom of a classic bubble tea. They are chewy and make boba absolutely unique. Proper tapioca pearls should take two chews to swallow and release a balanced sweet taste when bitten into.

2 – Classic milk tea is original and still most popular

Classic milk tea paired with brown-sugar dipped tapioca pearls is the original bubble tea. Although there is debate as to who invented boba and when; we're just happy we get to share this tasty drink with the world.

After 40 years the classic combination is still an enduring favourite and remains the world's best selling bubble tea.

3 – Boba at home is easier than you think

Looking to get your boba fix at home? Looking to impress your guests with the taste of boba? Look no further than boba at home. The simple process of making bubble tea can easily be replicated at home. The only tricky part is the tapioca pearls. But, with a little bit of practice, these can be quickly perfected. Then, it's just a case of brewing your tea and adding your chosen toppings!

4 – Jelly is a great boba topping

You've tried classic tapioca and contemporary popping boba. Now it's time for a jelly topping. For a very different flavour and texture, try jelly on your boba. Jelly is also a great topping for made-at-home boba – you heard it here first!

5 – your friends will love you for introducing them to boba!

Alright, this one you probably know already! Introduce your boba novice friends to your favourite bubble tea shop and they'll love you for it. The world of bubble tea is rapidly growing and getting your friends in on this trend will open a whole new world of flavour to them.

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