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Here at Taipec we sell a range of bubble tea ingredients, Taiwanese groceries, consumable products, such as cups, and equipment to get your bubble tea shop started.

We also sell rice cookers, which can be found below.

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What is a rice cooker?

Rice, the beloved cornerstone of countless Asian households, is a grain so cherished that it shares its space with an indispensable companion—the rice cooker. In these culinary traditions, the rice cooker isn't just a kitchen appliance; it is an essential member of the family. 

A rice cooker is a kitchen appliance designed to make our lives easier by simplifying the process of making rice. Although it is possible to make rice in a pot, it requires monitoring on the stove top and the rice will not be consistent every time. Each standard rice cooker contains an integrated heating element and a thermostat to regulate cooking temperature. This means that the rice will be cooked to perfection, neither undercooked nor overcooked. 


List Taipec’s rice cooker’s benefits 

We offer different sizes of rice cookers, each suited to the needs of the customer whether it's a large 10GS for a family or 6GS for University students. You can buy the rice cooker online for ease of transportation. 

Each rice cooker comes with features that guarantee you perfectly cooked rice, given you prepare it correctly of course. Our Rice cooker (6GS & 10GS) comes with a measuring cup and rice spatula to equip you with all the essentials in rice cooking. Another useful addition, especially for international students, is the UK plug as University accommodations only accept electrical appliances that conform to the appropriate British Standard and are purchased within the European Union.

1. Consistency: Our rice cookers deliver consistently cooked rice and are versatile with different types of rice whether its jasmine rice, basmati or sushi rice.

2. Keep warm option: You may be off doing something else after cooking the rice and have gone over time but don’t worry, the built-in button allows your rice to stay nice and warm even after it is finished cooking.

3. Inner steaming tray: All our rice cookers include this which gives you the opportunity to cook steamed dishes. 

4. Time efficient: No one likes standing around in the kitchen and constantly having to remember to glance at the food. The beauty of having a rice cooker is that you can spend your time doing something else while waiting and your rice will be as warm as it was when it had been finished cooking 


Tips on using the rice cooker

You can prepare the rice the correct way using the instructions in this blog. Here are some tips to maintain and maximise the efficiency of your rice cooker. 

1. Correct Measurements: Ensure the correct rice-to-water ratio. Different rice types may require adjustments, so consult your rice cooker's manual for guidance.

2. Avoid Overfilling: To prevent rice from boiling over or sticking to the lid, avoid overfilling the cooker. Follow the recommended capacity for your specific model.

3. Maintenance: Regularly clean your rice cooker to maintain its efficiency and extend its lifespan. Pay attention to the removable parts and ensure they are thoroughly cleaned and dried.

4. Preserve Leftovers: You can preserve leftover rice in an airtight container in your refrigerator. When you're ready to enjoy it again, give your rice cooker a second purpose by reheating the rice with a touch of water. Don’t forget, leftover rice as the star ingredient for creating the most flavoursome fried rice dishes.

5. Experiment with Seasonings: Don't be afraid to experiment with seasonings. A dash of herbs, spices, or even butter can elevate the flavour of your rice.


List potential dishes users can make using the rice cooker

While It is a reasonable assumption that the rice cooker only cooks rice, the truth is, you can make a whole meal in your rice cooker! One pot meals are a hit with students and those who do not have time to cook meals. You simply put all the ingredients in it and leave it to cook on its own. Also, you save some time from not having to use additional equipment like a pan or a steamer. Make the most out of this amazing invention by making a whole meal with it. Here are a few dishes that you can make with your rice cooker.


Fried rice

Use the same exact ingredients as you would make your fried rice usually. Start off by preparing your rice by washing and adding water, then simply put in all the seasoning and ingredients on top. After everything is cooked, fluff the rice and mix everything together.

Easy Rice Cooker Fried Rice with Eggs – A Peachy Plate


Rice porridge

Like always, wash the rice to remove the starch and add in about twice as much water or stock as you would usually. Add any vegetables or meat you would like with your porridge and start the rice cooker. Once it is done, you can add green onions, soy sauce, seasoning and a poached egg. The longer you leave it, the thicker it becomes as the rice continues to absorb the water.

How To Cook Porridge In A Rice Cooker | Storables


Steamed dishes

Using the inner steaming tray, you can cook dishes such as dim sum, dumplings and steamed vegetables. Steamed dishes are a healthy and flavourful addition to your meals and the steaming tray makes this process straightforward and convenient.


Quality of Taipec’s Rice cookers 

We not only believe in delivering high quality ingredients but also high quality kitchen appliances as they are the heart of your kitchen. Taipec's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect, from the choice of materials to the precision engineering that ensures every grain of rice is cooked to perfection.

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