We are the largest bubble tea suppliers in the UK. We stock a huge range of bubble tea and Taiwanese groceries and supply a range of outlets and shops.

But as well as bubble tea ingredients, we sell a wide range of consumable items. These range from lids, cups, straws and shakers meaning we are a one-stop shop for all your requirements.

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To compliment our wide range of Bubble tea Ingredients, Tools, and Equipment, we also offer a diverse range of high quality consumable items, available to purchase in bulk, to suit any and all of your bubble tea requirements. Our offerings include both rounded and standard bottom cups in 500ml and 700ml sizes, and corresponding domed lids, as well as sealing film, to use in conjunction with a cup sealing machine and enable takeaway orders to travel off-premises mess-free. Bubble tea bags are also available to aid this process, in either one-cup or two-cup sizes. Additionally, paper cup alternatives are on offer, all of which are fully sealable. Finally, our thick, durable, bubble-tea specific straws are a necessity for every drink.

Bubble Tea cup Sealing Film

Made of PET and PP plastic, our Bubble Tea cup sealing film works with a sealing machine to heat seal the top of each bubble tea cup closed, preventing leaks or spillage when transporting drinks from A to B. Beyond this practical benefit, the sealed top cups provide customers with a fun, interactive drinking experience as they participate in piercing the film with a purpose-designed straw. Each roll of film is 350m long, encompassing around 4,300 individual seals for cups of up to 130mm in diameter. Though plain, transparent rolls of film are available for immediate purchase, customization with your business’ logo is an option for larger order quantities.

Disposable Rounded Q-Cups

Our packs of 50 disposable rounded Q-cups are made of PP (polypropylene) plastic and have a diameter of 95mm, making them compatible with sealing machines and film, as well as with our domed lids.  Their round bottomed, chubby design encourages the topping boba to nestle in the curve at the base of the cup, and is in keeping with the spherical shapes most associated with bubble tea drinks. As well as this, their transparent sides make for aesthetically pleasing bubble tea drinks, enabling customers to view the various colours of their tea bases and toppings. As with all of our cups, our disposable rounded Q-Cups are recyclable. Although these cups are available for instant purchase in both 500ml and 700ml sizes, customisation with your  business’ logo is an option for larger order quantities.

Disposable PP Cups

Our packs of disposable cups are made of PP (polypropylene) plastic, and have a diameter of 95mm, ensuring that they are compatible with sealing machines and film, as well as with our domed lids. Available in both 500ml (100 cups per pack) and 700ml (50 cups per pack) sizes, these cups have transparent sides to enable your customers to view their colourful drinks in all their glory. As with all of our cups, our disposable PP Cups are recyclable.These cups are available for instant order in both sizes as standard, but may also be customised with your business’ logo for larger order quantities.

Paper Cups

Our 50 piece packs of paper cups are available in both 500ml and 700ml sizes. Their 95mm diameter means that they are compatible with our sealing film, and can therefore be heat sealed with a cup sealing machine. As such, they are a viable option for takeaway and delivery services, as well as allowing for customers to pierce the film with a purpose-designed bubble tea straw. Our paper cups, like all of our cups, are recyclable.

Disposable Domed Cup Lids

Our PET plastic disposable domed cup lids are available in 100 piece packs. Their 95mm diameter means that they match perfectly with all of our cups, and offer an alternative to heat sealing each drink. The wide opening at the top of each lid also ensures that they can accommodate thick bubble tea straws for an easy drinking experience.

Thick Paper straws

Thick straws with pointed ends are an absolute necessity for drinking bubble tea drinks. The pointed tip and angled end of the straw allow it to pierce through the sealing film on top of your drink, and its 12mm diameter enables toppings to pass through it suspended in tea. Without these design features, it would not be possible to drink topping and tea in a balanced ratio, or to access the drink without peeling the film off, risking spillage. Our paper straws are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, whilst maintaining piercing durability. These straws are available in packs of 50, and are recyclable.

 Thick bamboo straws

Our thick bamboo straws are available in Charcoal Black or bamboo colour ways, with both colours available individually wrapped (80 piece) or loose (100 piece). Each bamboo straw has a 12mm diameter, perfectly sized for drinking all toppings with tea, and is sturdy and resistant to becoming soggy. Our bamboo straws are made in the EU and are recyclable, making them a sophisticated, environmentally  friendly , addition to each bubble tea drink.

PP Plastic bags

Our PP plastic bags come sized to carry either one or two cups, and each box contains 6000 (1 cup) or 3160 (2 cup) individual bags. They house both 500ml and 700ml drinks comfortably, and their 0.03mm thickness makes them lightweight yet durable. These are a perfect option for businesses offering takeaway and delivery services.