Rice Rolls

Rice rolls are a cherished snack rooted in Taiwanese culture. They are made mainly of corn, milk powder, corn starch, rice, sugar and konjac powder. It has a long cylindrical shape with a small hole through the centre and offers a satisfying crunch with every bite you take. The outer layer of each rice roll is adorned with a seasoning tailored to its unique flavour. As you savour the first crunch, you’ll experience it dissolving and melting in your mouth, leaving you with an irresistible craving for more.

For your convenience, each roll is individually wrapped, making them a perfect snack to enjoy with friends and family or to take along on your travels. A few restaurants have utilised this snack’s mild flavour and crunch by placing small bits or a whole roll in desserts.

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History of Rice Rolls:

This snack is popular in Taiwan and other Asian countries, and their exact origin may not be attributed to a specific place or time. However, they are commonly associated with Taiwan due to the country's vibrant snack culture and culinary innovations. This snack has been enjoyed for many years across various Asian cultures. Throughout the years, there have been more creations of rice roll flavours for example, seaweed, chocolate and healthy versions.

Types of Rice Rolls:

There are different types of Rice Rolls but they all maintain the signature crunchiness and mouth feel but differ in the taste due to the different powders that are added.

1. Traditional Rice Rolls: The original rice roll flavour has a subtle sweetness in it and our Brown Rice Rolls are made with natural konjac brown rice and has a sweet aroma to it.
which is high in fibre.

2. Corn Rolls: Made with ground corn powder, this one has a blended taste of corn and milk, almost giving a feel of creaminess to the crunchy snack.

3. Oatcake Rolls: They have a milder taste, because of the distinct wheaty taste, than the traditional rice rolls and are more crumbly in texture.

4. Energy sticks: Since these are made with the premium powder ground from twelve types of grains, it results in a colourful mix and different notes of flavours.

Popular Rice Roll Flavourings:

-Taro: We offer a taro flavour which is grounded from 12 different types of grains, giving you earthy and nutty flavour nutritious snacks.

Seaweed: The salty hint provided by the seaweed complements the rice roll's natural sweetness, resulting in a well-rounded flavour that keeps you coming back for more.

Chocolate: It is a balanced mixture between chocolate sweetness and the savoury and slightly saltiness of the roll. It is perfect for those days when you are craving chocolate but do not want a heavy chocolate bar or cookies to satisfy your craving.

-Milk: You will notice an additional layer of sweetness and a refreshing sensation that elevates the flavour of the Brown Sugar Rice Roll. The milk flavour is not just reminiscent of actual milk but an aromatic and sweeter rendition.

Egg Yolk: This flavour may surprise you as it has a hint of savoury of an egg yolk but not an overpowering smell or taste of pure egg yolk.


Where to Buy the Best Rice Rolls Online:

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Rice Rolls