Asian Desserts

Asian desserts are known for their unique flavour, and are often characterized by their use of ingredients like rice, coconut, and beans. They offer a diverse range of tastes and textures, with many also said to be delightfully cooling – perfect for warmer weather!

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Some Desserts that we offer:

Grass Jelly Drink

Grass jelly is known for its cooling properties, and is a popular Asian dessert particularly enjoyed during the summer months. Also known as leaf jelly or herb jelly,  Grass Jelly is made from a Chinese plant called Mesona, which has a mild and perhaps slightly bitter taste. Served chilled, Grass jelly is made boiling the stalks and leaves of Mesona plants with other ingredients, before cooling the mixture to create a jelly consistency. In Taiwan, Grass Jelly is known as Xian Cao, and is used as a topping for a multitude of desserts and drinks such as bubble tea or shaved ice. Often, the jelly is melted to create a thick smooth dessert which is served with toppings like tapioca.  Our Grass Jelly Drink contains premium grass jelly cubes which have been simmered with aromatic natural honey to create a delicate, silky beverage. It is the perfect cooling refreshment, particularly during the summer time.

Mixed Congee

Mixed Congee is 8 kinds of nutritious grains including oat,  simmered with premium dark brown sugar. Originating from Okinawa in Japan, this dessert has a delicious sweet taste and a pleasant, rich, aroma. It works well as both a hot and a cold dessert and is thus delicious all year round. Mixed congee is also fantastic  for making sweet congee with toppings such as rice balls or tapioca pearls.

Mung Bean Soup

Mung Bean Soup is a sweet dish made from mung beans, a type of legume that is commonly used in Asian cuisine, and is popular across many Asian countries. It is prepared by soaking mung beans in water until tender before heating them with sugar and water until the mixture reaches a thick, soupy, consistency. The dessert can be enjoyed hot or cold and is sometimes garnished with toppings like sesame seeds, nuts, or fruit. Variations of these toppings could include glutinous rice balls or chewy tapioca pearls.

Peanut Soup

Peanut Soup is a dessert made primarily from peanuts, and is most commonly found across Asia, and Southeast Asia in particular. It is a thick and creamy soup-like dessert which can be served either warm or cold. To prepare the dish, high quality raw peanuts are boiled until soft before being blended with water and sugar. Peanut soup is a dessert which is both delicious and rich in nutrients.