Our stock of jellies perfectly matches with pure tea, fruit tea, cocktails and dessert. We supply a wide range of authentic Taiwanese jellies with flavours including mango, grape, lychee and coconut.

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What is bubble tea jelly?

Bubble tea jelly is a popular topping used in bubble tea or fruit tea drinks and dessert toppings. The most popular type is Nata de Coco and the other types are Agar Agar, konjac and aloe vera. With more and more people drinking bubble tea and fruit teas, there has been a continuous addition of flavours and toppings to add a little something to your ordinary order. Don’t hesitate to try out new flavours with our broad range of flavours of jellies and transform your bubble tea experience!

What is it made of?

Bubble tea jelly is a delightfully chewy flavoured jelly which is made of coconut pulp and in certain places such as the US, konjac. However, since konjac in confectionery has been banned in the UK and EU, our products do not contain konjac but coconut pulp instead. This gives them a slight coconut taste in addition to their given flavours. In the case of fruit jellies, the infusion of fruit juice adds an extra layer of taste, allowing you to savour the essence of your favourite fruits.

Difference between tapioca bobas and bubble tea jelly:

Tapioca bobas and bubble tea jelly both offer the beloved chewy texture, however, they differ in terms of their chewiness. Tapioca balls are softer and easier to chew whereas bubble tea jelly is more firm and will require more strength to chew. Another noteworthy distinction is bubble tea jellies offer an array of fruit flavours.

Difference between popping bobas and bubble tea jelly:

While you may have heard of popping bobas, it is important to understand the difference between the two. Popping bobas are translucent balls with flavoured water or syrup inside. They are characterised by their ultra thin shell made from seaweed extract which once bitten into, will pop open with juices bursting out of them, hence the name. Bubble tea jelly are firm and chewy which means they offer a more authentic fruit-like texture and taste than the popping balls. Both of these toppings come in a variety of flavours so there are many options for you to explore and enjoy.

Different types of jellies:

1. Coconut jelly

The original bubble tea jelly flavour is the coconut flavour which is widely popular to put in desserts such as yoghurt, ice cream and fruit salads. The taste is sweeter than coconut meat and with its syrup, it creates a refreshing addition to a drink. While it carries a subtle hint of coconut taste, it can remain enjoyable even if you are not a fan of coconut.

2. Fruit jelly

We offer delightful flavours of jelly including Coffee, Grape, Lychee, Mango, Pineapple and Strawberry and star shaped jellies for certain flavours. The flexibility of different shapes enhance the creative aspect of bubble tea and opens up more marketing opportunities to create themed or seasonal drinks.

3. Grass jelly

Crafted from the stems and leaves of Chinese mensona plants, grass jelly is widely popular in Southeast Asian countries. We offer grass jelly powder, which when mixed with boiling water, solidifies into a jelly that’s cut into cubes. Compared to the fruit jellies, grass jelly offers a lighter and more herbal taste with a hint of mint flavour. This is the perfect choice for those with a less sweet tooth, adding a herbal counterbalance to the sweetness of the milk tea.

Health benefits:

Since Nata de Coco is composed of cellulose which is an insoluble fibre, it offers multiple health benefits such as accommodating bowel movements, reducing the risk of heart disease and lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. Additionally, grass jellies have high levels of antioxidants, antibacterial properties and assists in reducing blood pressure.

Adding jellies to your drink can offer a variety of flavours, texture and a new experience to your typical bubble tea with tapioca.

Bubble tea jellies in UK:

Fruit jellies have become increasingly popular across the UK with a wide variety of flavours. Some of the well-loved combinations are the classic original milk tea with fruit jellies, taro milk tea with coffee jelly, strawberry fruit tea with strawberry jelly, matcha green tea with grass jelly. These are merely a glimpse of the range of opportunity waiting to be explored. Adding bubble tea jellies to your drink allows you to experiment with a variety of flavours, texture and allow you to have a fresh take to your everyday order.

Quality of Taipec’s jellies:

As we are BRCGS registered, you can have confidence that products selected have undergone extremely strict safety, quality control and traceability checks. This means that we can guarantee that our bubble tea jellies you add to your drink will meet the highest standards.