Mochi is a very chewy rice-cake made from glutinous rice with filling inside, typically red bean, taro or fruit flavours. It is made by pounding the glutinous rice into a smooth and elastic texture, inserting the filling inside and then dusting it with cornstarch or potato starch.

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History of Mochi

The history of mochi in Taiwan is a story of cultural exchange and culinary innovation. Mochi, with its roots in Japan, was introduced to Taiwan during the Japanese colonial era, which lasted from 1895 to 1945. During this time, Taiwan adopted and adapted the art of mochi-making, incorporating local ingredients and flavours. This fusion resulted in a unique Taiwanese mochi culture, featuring a wide array of fillings, from sweet red bean and taro to more exotic tropical fruits like mango and lychee. Today, Taiwan's mochi has not only become a beloved local delicacy but has also gained global recognition.

Over the years, mochi has undergone fascinating transformations and witnessed remarkable global significance and innovation in various countries. While its origins can be traced to East Asia, mochi has evolved and adapted to suit different tastes and culinary traditions. While traditional mochi fillings like red bean and taro remain beloved classics, innovative variations have emerged, such as matcha-infused mochi, ice cream mochi, and even savoury mochi. It has also inspired culinary experimentation in different countries, leading to innovative creations like mochi-stuffed donuts, mochi waffles, and even mochi pizza crust.

Different Types of Mochi Desserts

Handmade mochi are shaped through the process of meticulously pounding glutinous rice using a traditional wooden mortar into a smooth, elastic paste, followed by skilled hands shaping the mochi into bite-sized pieces, usually a cylindrical or rectangular shape. The final touch is the dusting of the mochi with starch to prevent sticking. Due to the use of traditional methods and greater attention to detail, the handmade mochi produces a more pronounced and authentic flavour.

Bulk mochi, on the other hand, allows these popular desserts to be produced at larger quantities, which is a convenient choice for both personal indulgence and businesses. It is made through a more streamlined, mechanised process resulting in a more uniform product.
The process involves steaming, transfer to a processing machine where they are mixed and kneaded, replicating the traditional pounding process. They then are filled with the required filling and sealed to prevent leakage. If there is a specific shape, they are moulded into that shape and then undergo quality control checks.

Typically mochi comes with filling however, there is the existence of mochi with no filling. Plain mochi offers a pure experience of this chewy delicacy. Whether enjoyed on its own, as a topping for ice cream, or as a component of desserts like daifuku or Zenzai (Oshiruko), plain mochi remains a cherished treat that allows the subtle sweetness of glutinous rice to shine.

Unique Mochi Flavors to Try


Mochis with fruit fillings are very popular in Taiwan and we offer Grape, Mango and Strawberry fillings. We also offer a product with all three fruit mochis in one pack, great for when you want to enjoy different flavours in small portions.The grape filling offers a burst of natural sweetness, the mango, a tropical delight and the strawberry filling captures its sweet and fragrant essence. It's a fusion of taste and texture and is an irresistible treat for mochi enthusiasts and fruit lovers alike.

Green Tea

We have a few variations of green tea mochis. One is the Green Tea Creamy Filling which has a green tea flavoured mochi with a cream filling inside. The Milk with Green Tea Filling is similar, but is hand made and comes in a long cylinder with milk and green tea filling inside.
Another is the Matcha Latte flavour which has a boba twist to it, with a matcha latte flavour of the mochi and the brown sugar filling.


In addition to our popular Matcha boba flavour, we proudly offer the Boba Milk Tea mochi, a delightful treat featuring a bubble tea-flavoured filling, complete with a tapioca ball tucked inside!


This mochi is for those who enjoy savoury desserts and the combination of sweet and savoury is where you combine the best of both worlds. It contains thick and aromatic peanut butter filling as well as crunchy peanut powder drizzled on top. We offer both handmade and
bulk version of peanut mochi.


We offer three types of sesame mochi, each with a slight variation. The Japanese style Sesame Mochi has thick black sesame filling inside and the outside coated with a layer of white sesame seeds. The handmade mochi is an elongated shape. The last one is the Sesame Creamy Filling which has sesame cream instead of filling and does not have the sesame seeds on it.

Seasalt coffee

This flavour may come across as unexpected as it is not a common flavour in Asian snacks but the natural sea salt and coffee balances out the sweetness of the mochi and is perfect for those who crave a dessert that isn’t so sweet.

Where to Buy the Best Mochi Online

Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our offerings, and our high-quality mochis are no exception. Our handmade mochis are handcrafted using traditional techniques, ensuring an authentic taste and texture. We source the finest ingredients to create mochis that are fresh and flavourful.