Brief on British Retail Consortium Global Standard (BRCGS)

BRCGS are the global standards published in 1998 that specify safety, quality and consumer protection. This includes managing product safety, integrity, legality, quality and operational controls in the food, food ingredient, manufacturing, processing and packaging industries. It was the first standard to be approved by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). At its core, BRCGS aims to build confidence in the supply chain by providing a mark of food quality, safety and responsibility.

At Taipec, we hold the Agents and Brokers (non-manufacturing traders) certification which provides a framework for “managing product safety, authenticity, quality and legality for businesses in the food, packaging and consumer products industries that buy, sell or facilitate trade of products, but do not manufacture, process or store the products in their own facilities or on their own sites”. This certification focuses on maintaining quality, traceability and legal obligations for businesses that are necessary in the movement and trade of products. This certification emphasises on “management commitment, a product safety programme based on risk and hazard analysis and a supporting quality management system.” Naturally, for the importation of goods, there will be legal standards to adhere to and therefore, there is the requirement of maintaining records to be requested by authorities or customers later on.

Significance of BRCGS in the Food & Beverage Sector

The BRCGS standards set the benchmark for product safety, authenticity, quality and legality. The basic requirements to get started on the BRCGS accreditation are senior management commitment, HACCP, food safety and quality management system, site standards, product control, process control, personnel, high-risk, high-care and ambient high-care production risk zones and requirements for traded products.

The criteria that the British Retail Consortium Global Standard addresses are: food safety culture, environmental monitoring, food security and defence, allergen management and labelling and packing controls. Addressing these leads to many benefits including less product recalls and complaints as well as improved customer confidence. In the Food & beverage industry, safety is crucial and to ensure safe products all processes need to be checked thoroughly and BRCGS recognises that. BRCGS standards are very detailed and check every factor that could affect food safety, correcting approximately 185,000 non-compliances each year.

BRCGS is a globally recognised standard and is used in over 130 countries in over 22,000 sites. Since it is globally recognised, it could reduce the audit burden for companies, giving them more opportunity to spend their time elsewhere.

Taipec's Pursuit and Achievement of BRCGS Accreditation

Our journey towards BRCGS accreditation has been marked by dedication and continuous improvement. Our journey of being BRCGS accredited involved planning for the audit, the remote & in-office audit which will identify any non-conformities. Afterwards, we devised how to correct the non-conformities which were then verified. Lastly, the audit is graded, an audit report is produced and the certificate will be given if it has been successful. We are proud to be BRCGS accredited and have embraced the challenge of improving our processes so that we align with the standards set by BRCGS.

Importance of BRCGS Accreditation for Bubble Tea Companies

BRCGS accreditation provides a competitive edge as it is a globally recognised standard that anyone can easily check. Bubble tea consists of many ingredients with different storing practices and packaging, it is highly important to ensure these are all up to the highest standards so that the ingredient quality is preserved which will be reflected on the drink that is made with it. This accreditation also enhances our credibility, assuring stakeholders that we adhere to the best practices in product safety, quality and legality.

Securing BRCGS accreditation not only grants us a competitive edge but also establishes a universally recognised standard, easily verifiable by anyone. Given the intricate nature of bubble tea, for example, looking after a range of ingredients with distinct storage requirements and varied packaging, upholding the highest standards is paramount. This approach ensures the preservation of ingredient quality, a factor that will be reflected on the drink that is made using it. Beyond its impact on our product, stakeholders can rest assured that Taipec adheres to these industry standards, encompassing product safety, quality and legality.

How BRCGS Accreditation Enhances Bubble Tea Quality and Safety

BRCGS accreditation directly correlates with the safety of our bubble tea products. This is because every process or factor that may affect the safety and quality of the products is under the BRCGS standards. Any non-conformity has been successfully corrected and thus, we can assure you that our products are safe and of high quality. Choosing bubble tea from a BRCGS-accredited supplier like Taipec means choosing quality and safety.