Boba Shop Loyalty Program – 5 Steps To Designing Your Own

Loyalty programs are a great way to engage your customers and build a loyal fan base. Here is a 5 step process to design your boba shop loyalty program.

Designing a loyalty program is about providing a benefit to your customers so that they keep coming back as loyal customers. Loyalty programs are used extensively by big retailers but can also be used by independent cafes and small chains. Here are five steps to designing your boba shop loyalty program.

5 Steps To a Boba Shop Loyalty Program

1 – Decide what you want to offer

Deciding what you want to offer as part of your rewards scheme is the first important decision you have to make. Which products and what deals you want to offer will be central to attracting customers to your program. You also need to consider how many points each purchase will reward customers with and how customers will redeem their points.

Another key consideration is how easily you can integrate your rewards scheme with your online presence (website, social media, and app) and your shop till. Making earning and redeeming loyalty card points a seamless experience will be key to your scheme's success or failure.

2 – Integrate your brand

Your brand should be central to everything you do. Make sure your loyalty scheme reflects your brand and is fully integrated. You will get one chance to effectively execute your rewards scheme so getting it right first time is essential.

Just like your menu, your rewards scheme should stay fresh and up-to-date. Make sure your loyalty scheme is something you get right in your bubble tea business. This means that the offers on your loyalty scheme should be updated regularly and change with the seasons.

3 – Build a following on social media and in-person

Once you have designed and implemented your rewards scheme you need to enrol customers. Building the following on social media and advertising both online and in-person to get people using your rewards scheme is the most important part of the process.

Utilise network effects both online and offline to organically grow your scheme and widen your customer base.

4 – Reward your customers

This one is easy. Reward your customers! After designing your scheme and getting people enrolled you should be excited to share the benefits of your offering.

5 – Measure the impact

This is the most important part of all. In project management there is a saying: “What gets measured gets managed”. Measuring the impact your scheme is having will allow you to tailor your offerings and make sure that your customers are happy and you are making money.